Lake Havasu City is informing residents about a missed water quality test in 2019.

The city is sending out a notice with customers’ water bills this month, in accordance with Arizona Department of Environmental Quality rules, to notify them that the annual test for nitrates was missed in 2019 and that a test was conducted in January, 2020 in order to make up for it.

The maximum contaminant level allowable for nitrates in drinking water is 10 parts per million. Public Works Director Greg Froslie said the previous nitrate test in February 2018 showed 1 ppm while the January 2020 corrective test came in at 1.4 ppm.

“We are required by ADEQ to notify the public when we have a failure like this,” Froslie said. “It is not that the water was unsafe to drink, we just did not take the sample at the right time so we can’t say what the quality of the water was. But if you look at the samples taken before and after I would assume that if we had taken it in the proper period it would be in the same range.”

Froslie noted that nitrate testing is one of many tests the city conducts on its drinking water and each test has its own schedule. He said some tests are conducted weekly, others monthly, quarterly, or annually, and some are conducted every three years.

“We are working with staff closer and training new people so that we have redundancy,” Froslie said. “When you have so many samples taken it is somewhat understandable to miss one out of the many that we take.”


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