Retailers ‘pleased’ with holiday shoppers

Shoppers exit Kmart Monday morning. The store’s manager said this year’s Christmas shopping season was “very comparable” to last year. Jayne Hanson/News-Herald Photo

The Lake Havasu City Kmart store is among 96 Sears and Kmart locations that will close in February, according to the holding company that owns the retail chains.

Transformco, which acquired the companies in bankruptcy proceedings, said Thursday it will close 96 additional stores in February. The locations include the Lake Havasu City store, which is the only Arizona branch scheduled to close. The company said it also plans to close a Sears store in Prescott.

USA Today reports that liquidation or going-out-of-business sales will begin Dec. 2 after the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales.

The company will have 182 stores remaining after the latest round of closures.


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Kmart is probably another victim of Internet shoppers. People need to shop local to support our community. Buying things online is convenient but it’s killing our local jobs and economy. Sad to see it go.


You are most likely correct bizowner. Too bad we can't hear from PED.


Hmm where is our PED in all of this, … no where!


I know wouldn't it be nice Proudindependent if they would at least posting some news of current activities in support of bringing more jobs to Havasu but I don't think that will happen. As with most public, city and/or government agencies their employees are not free to post anything and some are even prohibited from making any public statements even as a private citizen.

Hopefully the PED is working on a press release that will inform all of us what is being done to salvage the job losses from the loss of this employer.


No one likes to see people lose their job. And while customer service jobs are not known to be high wage or highly skilled type jobs there we have a lot of those types of jobs in Havasu.

NOW is the time to start thinking seriously about the future of our community. We need to bring forth some high tech jobs into Havasu and many companies in a high tax state like our neighbors to the West are prime to move into Arizona or Texas. We need to seriously stop ignoring the type of jobs that will allow our city to prosper in the future.

Sooner or later all of these customer service types jobs and the stores that provide them will disappear with the exception of maybe Walmart.

Today most of the commerce we enjoy is delivered by UPS, FedEx or the Postal Service. If we continue to ignore what the new realities of commerce are then we will certainly fail as a city. I have been talking about this for years. Years of waiting for someone just anyone to realize what is happening. Start talking with some of the companies that might be interested in moving to Lake Havasu City. If we don't we are going to see a lot more places like our Mall and lots of empty tilt up buildings go without tenants. With the advent of new energy systems like solar, wind, wave, hydro and other forms of energy under development we don't have to look too far to find companies who would be interested in moving to a welcoming community. And the automotive industry which needs thousands of components is spending billions upon billions of dollars to bring electric vehicles to our local dealerships. And certainly we are in the early stages of things like components and parts for new transmission towers and switching gear not to mention the millions upon millions of batteries we are going to need going forward.

It is all there for us to grab if we try. Hopefully it is not too late for our community and some $20-40/hour jobs which would bring lots of money to spend in our community. You can starve people with low wage jobs until they leave town or provide jobs which allows everyone to flourish. Double manufacturing and you double the number of new homes and cars sold. Double wages and salaries and you double the amount of money people have to spend for new clothing, and evening out and dinners out and maybe some new furniture for their homes.

I sure hope someone is listening.


What a shame, I enjoy Kmart and now all we have left is Walmart & JCP. For a retirement area many seniors will not even be able to get to those stores easily.


Horrible news.


I personally will not miss it. Sorry about the jobs people will lose. Management was terrible.

On a side note I would love to see Costco come here.

only in havasu

That sucks.

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