Victoria Farms Road

The development would be located near Chenoweth Road and the west end of Victoria Farms Road.

A potential new 350-plus unit manufactured housing development in Lake Havasu City cleared its first hurdle on Wednesday.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 6-0 to recommend approval of a request by Havasu-based North American Assets to change the future land use designation of 39.54 acres, located immediately northeast of Lowe’s, from “Employment” to “High Density Residential.” The commission’s recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council which will hold a public hearing to consider the request during a future council meeting, before voting to officially approve or deny the request.

Ultimately, North American Assets is hoping to develop a manufactured home community called The Villages at Victoria Farms on six lots located between Chenoweth Road and the west end of Victoria Farms Road.

In order for such a development to be allowed, the land use designation change must be approved by council, which would open the door for the properties to be rezoned. Waylon Gates with North American Assets said the development would need to be rezoned to a Manufactured Housing District. The lots are currently a mix of zoning including agricultural-preservation, a light industrial/planned development, and an industrial district.

Gates told the commission that more detailed plans will be made if and when the property has the appropriate zoning, but the current plan is to include between 350 and 400 housing units including manufactured homes and RV spaces. The development would also include a host of shared amenities for residents including resort-style pools, pickleball and bocce ball courts, dog parks, walking trails, a clubhouse, and barbeques.

Gates told the commission that there will be a variety of home sizes and prices available in the development. He said the cheapest units will be a manufactured version of the “tiny home” concept – a one bedroom unit with about 400 square feet of living space. He said those tiny homes will start out under $100,000. Gates also said the largest units available in the Villages would be a four bedroom unit that costs about $200,000.

Residents will purchase the home, and pay a monthly rent for the space and access to the development’s amenities. Gates told the commission they are still working on what rents will be, but said they are thinking roughly $600 to $700 per month.

James Gray, CEO of the Partnership for Economic Development, said his organization supports this proposal because it addresses a severe lack of availability and affordability in the local housing market. He noted that the average price of a home in Havasu is $403,000 – which is 30.4% higher than it was 12 months ago. Gray told the commission that the situation is making it difficult for businesses to retain workers, or attract new workers. He cited estimates that, in all, Lake Havasu City needs about 1,500 to 2,000 additional homes.

Gray also told the commission that The Villages at Victoria Farms is able to provide more affordable housing by eliminating the cost of the land itself, and instead renting the space out to the residents. He said the price of land in Havasu is the biggest problem with creating affordable housing. He noted that the infill lots left in town are currently selling for about $125,000 and they are largely the least desirable lots that are the most difficult to build on.

According to the projects working timeline, Gates said the City Council will consider the requested land use designation change at its Dec. 14 meeting. If approved by council, North American Assets will start the rezoning process which would come to the Planning and Zoning Commission on Jan. 12, then the City Council on Feb. 15. If approved, Gates said construction could start as early as spring 2022.

Construction is expected to take 12 months to grade the land, install infrastructure and complete the amenities. Once the development is ready, Gates said he expects to be able to have manufactured homes delivered, installed, and ready to be sold relatively quickly.

Commissioner David Diaz said he believes this type of project will help fill the need for more affordable housing.

“These types of projects are nice. I’ve seen hundreds of these types of things – it’s not really that unique – but it does meet a need here in Havasu,” Diaz said. “Great project, and great job on what you guys have done.”


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These homes are affordable. If they weren't, the developer wouldn't be building them.


Imagine the airport noise in a mobile home?? let alone it's not affordable, and you don't own the land, what else could be wrong with this scenario??


I'm not sure how this model will be affordable for the workforce. Mortgage on $150,000 home plus $700 rental? Your monthly cost becomes $1500 - $2000 easily. That is not affordable for a family. I couldn't afford that and I no longer have kids at home.


I am very sorry but my posting will be cut off on the right margin for some viewers. Here is the link again which was also cut off on the right margin.


Nope I don't think this Mobile Home Park will be good for our city. First of all Mobile Homes traditionally go DOWN IN VALUE over time [read some of the links below]. What this means is you buy something for $100,000 pay rent on the property it sits on and after 10 years you have a mobile home that is worth maybe $70-$90,000 and a pocket full of rental receipts for about $72,000. And that $72,000 doesn't account for the annual rental increases over time so $600/month probably becomes $800/mo after 10 years or so. And forget about writing off those rental receipts on your taxes

Now let's take for example a MODULAR home development. They sit directly on concrete foundations and are attached to that foundation and are considered real property. You purchase the land as part of the purchase price and these types of home APPRECIATE in value. And the cost difference - the concrete slab and the payment of a homeowners fee for the use of the developments facilities, i.e. pool, club house, etc. So instead of $600/mo. or about $72,000 in rental receipts you end up with in your pocket about $450/mo is going towards reducing the principle amount or paying for the land. And MOST of the costs you pay will reduce your taxable income you pay to the IRS.

I have lived in a Mobile Home Park and the homes themselves can be very nice. However after some time period there is little incentive for each homeowner to IMPROVE or even MAINTAIN their property since the property belongs to SOMEONE ELSE. Oh sure you can write it into the purchase contract but there is a significant difference between stating it must be done and a homeowners who WANTS to improve their property. And the rental receipts and rental increases will sooner or later eat up any value you might have accumulated in the property. Just ask a few of the homeowners who own mobile homes on the island.

Please read the information in the link provided below. A Mobile Home Park is not what this city needs. What it needs are low cost homes manufactured in a factory, permanently installed so they become real property and a stable monthly Homeowners Fee. We need homes for our workforce that APPRECIATE in value over time and not become less valuable. Here are the results of a Google search page that shows WHY you NEVER buy a Mobile Home in a Mobile Home Park. We CAN do better than this for our local workforce - we really can.

Too old for this



O.K. we have affordable housing for all the labor market openings in what industrial boom in LHC? Amenities are great but come along with a cost like CC&R's in gated communities and condos, unfortunately they are not immune to annual $$$$ increases!


I think I will buy 3 or 4 of them and use them for rentals.


This is so needed here in Lake Havasu City! I hope the City Council does everything possible to see that this is approved!


ML - [thumbup]


This sounds like a great idea for Needles. They can drive to havasu to work and back home after work...

Too old for this



That's great news! Yippie yi yay.

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