Javier A. Ferreira

Javier A. Ferreira

A Lake Havasu City man is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment this week, after police say he secretly recorded a couple staying in a rented room at his home.

Javier A. Ferreira was arrested Oct. 4 after a couple renting a room in his home allegedly found hidden cameras in their room and shower.

Police say the alleged victims were in need of a place to stay, Ferreira allowed the couple and their children to share his Brave Drive residence. Soon after moving in, however, police say the couple discovered Ferreira had been recording them with hidden cameras in their bedroom, and in their shower.

The victims allegedly discovered the presence of the hidden camera in their bathroom when they observed a mobile phone in Ferreira’s room. The phone allegedly displayed a live video feed in their shower, the report said, which allowed the male victim to find and destroy the hidden camera. Police say the couple searched through video logs on Ferreira’s mobile phone, and found multiple videos taken of them nude as they showered.

The female victim was reluctant to report the crime on Sept. 6, police say, as she and her family had nowhere else to stay. She initially reported the incident to law enforcement to learn whether a crime had in fact been committed, and what she could do to resolve the issue.

Ferreira was arrested earlier this month on charges of disorderly conduct, police say, when he allegedly shut off the victims’ water. When he was released a day later, officers were called to Ferreira’s residence for a civil stand-by. The victims received an order of protection against Ferreira, prompting officers’ presence at the scene.

When officers arrived, the victims allegedly reported having evidence that Ferreira hid cameras in their bedroom and shower. Officers questioned Ferreira at the scene.

According to the report, Ferreira told officers he had cameras installed throughout his home, and was fearful that his lodgers might steal from him. He allegedly told officers he installed hidden cameras in the victims’ bathroom because he believed they were having “secret meetings,” which prompted his suspicion of them. He allegedly told officers that videos taken by the hidden cameras were present on his mobile phone.

Ferreira was arrested on felony charges of surreptitious photography, and is scheduled to be arraigned in Mohave Superior Court on Oct. 17.


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only in havasu

Not cool... Sadly, you can be sure this kinda crap goes on way more than people realize. Technology is so advanced- if the pervert had half a brain- even after discovering the cameras- there are devices so small and come in things like screws- the victim would have never found the device even knowing it was somewhere in there. I guess people need to buy devices to locate the signal - sad it’s come to this.

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