Parents of students who attend Lake Havasu Unified School District have noticed an uptick in the number of messages they have received about their child being exposed to covid-19.

According to Director of Student Services at LHUSD Aggie Wolter, the district is now alerting parents when their students are possibly exposed to someone who came into contact with the virus. Previously, the district was only going to alert parents when their student came in close contact with confirmed cases.

“In elementary schools, an entire classroom will get an alert if one student/staff tests positive for covid,” Wolter explained. “At Thunderbolt Middle School and Lake Havasu High School, one student/staff may generate hundreds of alerts because of contact with students/staff in multiple classes, clubs, and athletic programs.”

According to Wolter there are currently 40 students and 14 staff members who have tested positive for coronavirus since July.

Wolter says the best way to help stop the spread of covid is to keep children displaying symptoms of illness home.

“We are encouraging parents to keep their children home if the children are experiencing any symptoms of covid or other respiratory illnesses,” Wolter said. “This is extremely important to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students and staff. There are no penalties for students being absent for illness and we appreciate our parents’ support with keeping their students home if sick.”

Parents and the community can access more information related to covid on the LHUSD Health Office web page at

According to the latest report from the Mohave County Public Health Department, there have been 133 new confirmed cases of covid and 13 deaths reported since Wednesday at noon.

According to the report, four of those deaths happened in Lake Havasu City.

Two of the deceased individuals were in the 40 to 49 range and the other two were in the 80 to 80 age range. Nineteen of the 133 new cases are from Havasu.


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