Wreaths for veteran gravestones

Ron Thompson, London Bridge Resort board director, ties a wreath onto a stake as employees look on to see what’s left to do.

Dozens of employees and representatives of the London Bridge Resort made their way to the Lake Havasu Memorial Gardens Wednesday morning with a trailer full of wreaths and stakes. With a rainstorm hanging over the mountains in the distance, they got right to work, staking down metal poles and tying on the holiday decor.

By the time it started to sprinkle at 10:30 a.m., the cemetery was filled with green wreaths and bright red bows, watching over the memorial sites of hundreds of veterans. This was the company’s second visit to the cemetery, having visited for Memorial Day to place American flags on the graves.

It’s a cherished yearly tradition for the resort’s staff, and one that’s lasted more than a decade. The staff worked together as they weaved their way through the graves, making sure everyone had a stake in place and plenty of zipties.

Tom Flatley, owner of the London Bridge Resort, attends every year to pay his respects and assist in the company’s effort. Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy also was in attendance, but wearing a different hat as the resort’s general manager.

Sheehy looked over the cemetery once the work was completed and congratulated everyone on a job well done as employees offered hot cocoa and waters to those in attendance.


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bob b

London Bridge Resort is a class act, to do this sort of thing year after year. Thank you to all who took the time to honor our fallen Veterans!


Agreed, bob b. My Mom is a Veteran and is buried there.

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