This large dog statue was stolen from Burgers By the Bridge, according to restaurant owner Harriet McLearan. The statue was returned the next day.

A Lake Havasu City business owner was reunited with her missing dog Wednesday afternoon.

The missing 100-pound Golden Retriever was a very rare breed.

The large, yellow dog statue stood in front of Burgers by the Bridge for more than a year, until it was allegedly stolen Tuesday evening.

Burgers by the Bridge owner Harriet McLearen says the 100-pound statue was purchased at an auction in 2019, and was given the affectionate name, “London.”

“He is not replaceable,” McLearen said. “We saw him at 10:30 (Tuesday) night. I just wanna close my restaurant today because it’s so upsetting that I lost him. I feel like a crazy lady, all upset and crying because my dog is missing.”

McLearen announced the theft Wednesday morning on Facebook, and had offered a $200 reward for the statue’s return. She also promised not to prosecute the perpetrators of the alleged theft if they returned the statue by that evening.

According to McLearen, an unidentified man arrived with a trailer Wednesday afternoon, and returned the statue to the English Village business. McLearen says the man explained that his friends took the statue, and did not want them to face criminal prosecution.

McLearen said in a Wednesday Facebook post that she would not pursue charges against the alleged thieves, now that her statue has been returned.


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