Matthew J. Shillington

For nearly two weeks, police say 22-year-old Matthew J. Shillington called and texted a Lake Havasu City woman more than 100 times. She answered only once, allegedly to tell him she wasn’t interested.

The victim approached police when officers responded to her workplace for an unrelated incident. Minutes earlier, she allegedly told officers, Shillington had arrived to deliver iced coffee and flowers for her. According to the victim’s alleged statement, the gifts were an apology.

They met in mid-June, the report said, at a friend’s birthday party. The next time Shillington and the victim saw each other, the report said, the victim had been intoxicated on July 1. She stayed at his home for the next two days, she allegedly told police, and he would not allow her to leave. According to the report, Shillington followed her everywhere while she was at his home, until she ultimately told him her friend was sick and she needed to leave.

Shillington’s reputation preceded him, according to the victim’s alleged statements to police. He had “a history of aggressively stalking girls,” the victim was quoted in the report, and in 2017 Shillington was arrested on felony charges of sexual conduct with a minor under 18 years of age. According to court records Shillington pleaded guilty in that case to lesser charges of misdemeanor assault in 2018, and received a sentence of time served.

According to the police report, Shillington continued to message the victim until July 11, when he arrived at her workplace with coffee and flowers. Shillington left when the victim’s coworkers told him the victim was unavailable, the report said.

When he messaged her again that day, it was to tell her that he was at her residence.

Shillington’s vehicle was found near the victim’s residence that evening, according to police, and officers arrested him at the scene on charges of harassment. Shillington declined to speak with officers without the presence of an attorney.

Shillington is scheduled to appear in Lake Havasu City Municipal Court Aug. 20.


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