Garrett Wilder

Garrett Wilder

A Lake Havasu City man was arraigned last week, three months after his arrest in the alleged drive-by shooting of a TV personality’s son.

Garrett Wilder, 19, is now awaiting trial on felony counts of drive-by shooting, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of disorderly conduct with a weapon after his September arrest in the shooting of 23-year-old Garrett Dotson, the son of A&E Network’s “Storage Wars” host Don Dotson. Wilder was arraigned on Thursday.

Wilder’s arraignment was postponed earlier this month as the case was remanded for a second grand jury hearing. Although unusual, the second grand jury hearing due to complaints from Wilder’s defense that prosecutors had not adequately expressed Wilder’s argument to the panel. According to Deputy Mohave County Public Defender Paul Amann, Wilder told police at the time of his arrest that he believed his life or safety were in jeopardy when he allegedly shot the victim.

According to the Lake Havasu City Police Department, the victim was staying at a rental home on the 2100 block of Injo Drive on Sept. 13. Police say the victim was standing outside the residence with a friend when Wilder passed the location in his vehicle.

Wilder, who was accompanied by his girlfriend, was allegedly upset about the presence of non-locals residing in Havasu. According to police, Wilder shouted for the victim to “go back where he came from.” The police report said Dotson approached Wilder and attempted to confront him. Wilder, who was armed with a .380 caliber pistol, fired from the vehicle and struck Dotson once before leaving the scene.

Dotson was transported the Havasu Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, and flown to a Las Vegas hospital for emergency treatment. The Lake Havasu City Police Department requested assistance from the public in finding the shooter, and allegedly received a tip on Sept. 14.

The tip came from Wilder’s girlfriend, who allegedly identified him as the shooter. Investigators served a search warrant at Wilder’s Winterhaven Drive address, where detectives allegedly found the weapon used in the offense. Also found at the scene was a single spent shell casing.

According to police, Wilder told detectives he believed Dotson and his companion intended to harm him as they approached his vehicle. Wilder allegedly said Dotson attempted to pull the door handle of his vehicle, and he felt as though his life were in jeopardy when he shot the victim.

Wilder is next scheduled to appear in Mohave Superior Court for a pre-trial conference on Jan. 4.

As of Tuesday, Wilder remained in custody at Mohave County Jail on $250,000 bond.


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