lhhs parking lot

Lake Havasu High School students gather in the parking lot after their first week on full schedule.

Despite the Governor’s Thursday announcement lifting all covid restrictions for Arizona businesses, schools in Lake Havasu City and the rest of the state are still requiring that students wear face coverings.

According to a message from the Arizona Department of Education that is posted on the Lake Havasu Unified School District website, the Arizona Department of Health Services emergency rules are still in effect.

Emergency Measure 2020-4, signed by Dr. Cara Christ in November 2020 when covid cases were on the rise, requires the use of masks in school until ADHS determines that it is not necessary or recommended to contain the coronavirus.

The measure does have an expiration date, however. The final line of the Emergency Measure 2020-4 says that it will stay in effect for no more than 18 months, which would be May, 19 2022.

Besides still wearing masks and practicing other mitigation techniques like social distancing schools in Lake Havasu City are getting back to a new type of normal with both Lake Havasu High School and Thunderbolt Middle School returned to a full schedule this week.

For students and educators, the week felt like the start of a new year.

“In a letter I sent out to the parents I said that this week felt like the first week of August,” LHHS Principal Scott Becker said. “Having all the kids back on campus, you could feel the excitement.”

Becker says that LHHS students have been doing an “awesome” job of following covid mitigation guidelines which includes things like one way hallways.

“We have also gone up from three lunches to four to help keep people spread out,” Becker said.

Becker also said that mitigation practices will be in place for fourth quarter events like graduation and prom.


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