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Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy gives his State of the City address prior to Gov. Doug Ducey’s speech on Thursday morning.

With the community and Arizona governor as his audience, Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy voiced his confidence in the Downtown Catalyst Project and addressed the lack of workforce housing, among other topics.

“The state of our city is strong, and we have a bright future,” Sheehy said. “Lake Havasu City is a place of innovation, managed growth and opportunity led by passionate and engaged citizens.”

The Downtown Catalyst Project was among Sheehy’s list of noteworthy undertakings by the city. While the project’s future was extensively debated recently by council members, he expressed his full support.

“We remain committed to finding the right partners, and I remain very confident in this project,” he said, after providing a brief explanation of what it entails.

Workforce housing also got attention at both the city and state level on Thursday morning. Sheehy said the city is “working hard to address our dire need for workforce housing solutions.”

“Our goal is to bring partners together that can provide workforce housing alternatives and inventory for our communities,” he said. “The Partnership for Economic Development is hosting a summit this spring to help us address this issue.”

The struggle of short-term rentals didn’t escape Sheehy’s address, either. He detailed the impacts that short-term rentals have on local residents, including “noise, trash, and the conversion of long-term rentals into short-term rentals.”

“A state law passed by the State Legislature in 2016 created a unique problem, limiting our ability to properly manage short-term rentals,” Sheehy explained. “Lake Havasu City adopted an ordinance in 2014 that addressed short-term rentals from all perspectives, and it worked. But the 2016 state law preempted our 2014 law, making it invalid.”

Last year, a bill was passed that gave back some local control, but Sheehy said, “It’s not enough.”

“We are working diligently with the Legislature to pass common sense legislation that gives local control,” he said, adding that he’s grateful for Ducey’s consideration.

That common sense approach is how Lake Havasu City tackles our challenges, Sheehy said, and “we always find ways to move forward.”


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My concerns with the Herald, subscribing from out of state, is the quality of the photo journalism. The Mayors image is the latest example. I love the articles but living out of state means I want the Havasu imagery of people and landscapes.


"Waiter, over here. Could I please get some cheese to go with that whine? Thank you."

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