Two Lake Havasu City men were cited earlier this month after an alleged fistfight at Crazy Horse Campground.

According to police, reporting party Derek R. Gainer, 50, said he agreed to sell his boat for $26,000 to a buyer. Havasu resident Kurtis W. Bell, 27, intended to be a middleman in the transaction.

Early this month, the report said, Bell paid only $18,000 of the agreed-upon price. On July 5, Gainer allegedly saw Bell with friends taking the boat out on Lake Havasu. Gainer allegedly demanded via text that Bell return his boat or pay the rest of the boat’s price. According to the Gainer’s alleged statements, Bell pulled the boat alongside a beach at Crazy Horse Campgrounds where Gainer was standing, and told him to go to the dock area to fight him.

Gainer met Bell at the docks, the report said, where the fight ensued. Gainer allegedly grabbed Bell’s keychain from him, and both men fell off the dock and into the water during the struggle.

According to police, Gainer was later asked to return the keys to Bell. Gainer refused to do so unless his boat or the remainder of his money were delivered to him.

Officers questioned Bell, who said the remainder of Gainer’s money was intended to be given to him by the boat’s original buyer. He said Gainer sent threatening texts when that money was not paid, the report said, before the two men engaged each other at Crazy Horse Campground’s docks.

Officers cited and released both men on charges of disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault. They are scheduled to appear in Lake Havasu City Municipal Court Aug. 20.


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