The U.S. Air Force is scheduled to begin flight training over southern Lake Havasu this week, and boaters are being urged to keep their distance.

Beginning today, Air Force pilots and crewmen will train with the H215 Airbus Super Puma helicopter. The “Super Puma,” sometimes known as the “Cougar,” was originally developed by French company Aerospatiale in 1978, and has long served as a transportation and rescue vehicle for civilian and military applications.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office will provide perimeter patrol during military training exercises Monday through Friday, and will be tasked with keeping civilian boaters at bay throughout the operation.

According to Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kyler Cox, such training exercises are common, as is the department’s willingness to assist.

“Conducting perimeter control keeps members of the military, along with the boating public, out of harm’s way,” Cox said.


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And we can expect a plethora of complaints from those who hate the sound of freedom.


Sound of freedom or the reminder of death and destruction! Quiet is good!


Sorry you have such a low opinion of the role of our military in protecting all of us - even ignorant fools..


Well rovR** I have to give you an “A” for effort, you never ever miss an opportunity to “insult and disparage”. It’s no wonder you have no friends? Except maybe that dude HavasuGuy [batman] he sure follows you around like an abandoned puppy. Love you BB [thumbdown][love] Deaton


There is a very high opinion of the military in our family. We also have a very low opinion of death and destruction. We see no need to beat our chest!

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