50th anniversary of Mohave Community College

Mohave Community College has planned a series of events to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Kingman campus is shown above.

KINGMAN — Mohave Community College is preparing to start its 50th anniversary celebration and it plans to party the whole year.

September and October 2020 were devoted to planning, but things will get serious in December, when the soft launch will take place and a “Thank You for 50 Years 1971-2021” book will be released.

“We’re planning a lot of great ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary and right now we’re working to get an event or presentation set up for each month throughout 2021 to highlight the deep connection between the college employees, the students, and the communities in Mohave County,” Mohave Community College Communications Director James Jarman told the Kingman Miner on Friday, Oct. 16.

“We’ve also been collecting and reviewing hundreds of photos and newspaper clippings to put together a 50th anniversary booklet. It’ll capture a lot of special moments in time that show the students, employees and community leaders who helped make ‘community’ our middle name and our mission,” Jarman said.

The official kickoff will take place in January of next year with fireworks over the campuses.

There is a President’s Luncheon planned for February. March and April will place the focus on the community, with golf tournaments, cars shows and art auctions.

In May, MCC will celebrate its graduates.

June and July will be all about culinary events, picnicking and ice cream socials.

August will be the month of “Mohave History” celebrated with retrospective installations.

In September, after students come back to school, MCC will hold a scavenger hunt and in October there will be costume parties on each campus.

The month of November, 2021 will be devoted to honoring veterans and a parade is planned.

The closing ceremonies will take place in December of next year and will culminate with a black tie gala and another set of fireworks.


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