This potbellied pig visited the Mohave County Animal Shelter.

The Mohave County Animal Shelter receives no small number of cats and dogs on any given day, but on Friday, Jan. 31, an uncommon four-legged friend arrived.

Delilah, a 3- to 4-year-old potbellied pig, arrived at the shelter as an untagged stray. Pigs are not the shelter’s typical guests, which meant Shelter Manager Nicole Mangiameli had to make a special trip for pig feed, fruits and vegetables.

By Tuesday, Feb. 4, Delilah’s food supply was running low. Enter Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter, which took a trip to Tractor Supply and purchased two more bags of pig feed in addition to fruits, berries and vegetables from Safeway.

Friends and the shelter took Delilah to an animal shelter in Coconino County on Wednesday, Feb. 5. Lynn Kannianen, president of Friends, said the relocation came because the Coconino shelter wanted to host Delilah, and because it could provide better accommodations.

Delilah was provided with good food in Mohave County, but was on a concrete floor at the shelter, which is not good for a pig.

Information provided by Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter


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As a young man on a small farm in Minnesota I grew about 500 purebred Yorkshire pigs every year. Normally a good pellet is all that is needed to raise a good healthy pig to market size which is about 220 lbs. Not quite sure what they are going to do with a pot bellied pig? Sooner or later it will need to end up as some pork chops and a couple of slabs of bacon for someone.

You might want to forget some of the more expensive fruits and veggies and instead throw a wedge of good alpha hay into their pen. Pigs love the protein and it is an excellent source of roughage. Given a clean environment they will stay very clean with all of their waste products in one corner of the pen. And did I mention they love to have their backs scratched.


Great. Another MN guy. I grew up as an IBMer in Rochester.


Yup there are a few of us around 'don't you know'. We do our best to contribute to the communities we live in. We spent about 30 years in Southern California before moving to Lake Havasu City some 20+ years ago. [wink]




Great location and great company. [smile]

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