Jean Bishop

Jean Bishop

Almost for the first time since the crisis began, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of ending its ongoing state of emergency.

Jean Bishop, who serves as the board’s chairman, declared a state of emergency in reference to the coronavirus epidemic earlier this year, following a similar declaration made by the Arizona Governor’s Office. But with the number of coronavirus cases continuing to decline in Mohave County, and continuing complaints from county residents, supervisors addressed possible avenues toward ending the county’s state of emergency.

“The board could remove the state of emergency by a majority vote,” said Deputy Mohave County Attorney Ryan Esplin at Monday’s meeting. “They would have to put it on a future meeting agenda to possibly pass a vote.”

Esplin said he could only speak to the legality of ending the county’s state of emergency. But as to whether the county should do so, Esplin deferred to the expertise of Mohave County Health Director Denise Burley.

Burley has reported more than 3,700 confirmed coronavirus cases since March, with new cases peaking in June. The number of positive cases saw a steady decline from July through August, according to state records, appearing to coincide with masking orders by local governments and business closures ordered by Gov. Ducey. Last week, Burley reported that there were 40 confirmed new coronavirus cases in Mohave County – compared to 122 reported cases one week prior.

According to Burley, the county’s state of emergency is spurring mitigation efforts by residents – and in this case, the cure is far preferable to the disease.

“Mitigation efforts are reducing our case counts,” Burley said. “They’re not popular, but there’s correlation between the timing of implementing those efforts and the results we’ve been seeing.”

According to Burley, the coronavirus may not be the only threat that could be avoided through masking and social distancing, however. With the approaching flu season, Burley says coronavirus patients could face a much more difficult recovery if their immune systems were already weakened by exposure to influenza.

Ultimately, Burley said continued mitigation strategies may be Mohave County’s only defense against a resurgence of the coronavirus in the near future.

“As we continue to see our cases decrease, and see our percentage of positive cases decrease, it’s a reason for people to continue taking the efforts they’re taking,” Burley said. “Without a vaccine or other form of treatment, the virus will remain out there. And without these strategies, we’re just setting ourselves up to go back (to higher reported cases).”

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors took no action in its discussion on Monday.


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The sheep phase is over. We`re done. Time for us to get back to work to save whatever we can.


200,000 dead with no vaccine in sight. HCQ and a vitamin cocktail has proven ineffective. Scientists being derailed by the administration. A bunch of idiots listening to an internet troll over doctors.

But it’s cool. Crisis is over. Let’s focus on that caravan coming up from Mexico instead.


On Tuesday evening trump, once again, made a fool of himself when he was asked, “Why don’t you support a mandate for national mask-wearing, and why don’t you wear a mask more often?” Following a bunch of barely coherent and disjointed blather he then launched into an attack on Democrats, “They said at the Democrat Convention they’re going to do a national mandate, they never did it. Because they’re checked out, they never did it.” The fool seemed to be unaware that the Democrat Party has no authority nor ability to put in effect anything. Then trump went one step further when he doubled down by saying Joe Biden never called for a national mandate, laying blame for lack of leadership on mask-wearing on a candidate for president. Future President Joe Biden hasted to point out to the fool that he is, “not currently president.”

Universal mask-wearing is an effective way to abate the spread of the coronavirus, according to numerous medical and epidemiological studies. Our state was among the worst states in the nation for daily infections until Governor Doug Ducey closed all bars and allowed local municipalities to enforce mask-wearing (which most did.) Six weeks later, Arizona owned the lowest infection rate in the nation.


[thumbup] Several good reasons for Mohave County not to jump the gun on lifting restrictions! The people moaning about wearing a mask for a short amount of time will just have to suck it up! There are personnel in this town that wear a mask for hours to protect your sorry butts! Grow the H up! Stay on course Mayor and County leaders!


ignorance of the BigBob such a hater wow ,you must like the way Joe rubs your thighs!


I have to agree, the "ignorance of the BigBob" is a puzzle, when all I do is post facts and truth to educate haters who need knowledge. And who is "Joe" and why do think he "rubs my thighs?" I would consider that comment a violation of the rules, "Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language," but we know the rules are not enforced equally across the board.


Here's one that the Big Bozo breaks all the time. Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.



Very Stable Genius 2020

This article doesn’t mention that the MBOS was discussing the emergency declaration because, once again, Supervisor Angius brought it up as she did a couple months ago. Supervisor Angius has been very clear throughout this pandemic that she thinks it is overblown, people who have died of COVID-19 really died of other things or they were just old people in nursing homes that were going to die anyway so let’s just go back to business as usual. Mohave County is part of Arizona and the Governor declared an emergency re Covid-19 for the State of Arizona. Also, Mohave County is part of the United States and the President declared a national emergency re COVID-19. Mohave County has accepted Federal and State funding re COVID-19 so if we ditch our emergency order it may affect those funds. I’m thankful for the majority of MBOS who are making decisions based on science and public health. We really could get close to normal if we would just stay grounded in reality and take a few simple precautions. It really is that simple.


Indeed!! [thumbup]


1) politicians already moved the goalposts far away from “flatten the curve” and “15 days to slow the spread” and thus can’t be trusted

2) they’ve ignored their promise of reopening if effective treatments were found

3) the newly discovered phenomenon of COVID-19 reinfection gives panic-pushers an excuse to keep lockdown measures until some new target of vaccine efficacy or compliance is met.


Le's see previously you posted this, "Governor Ducey should have the road department remove the bridge on the on the I40 coming to and from California, and put gun boats on the lake to keep those Calies on their own side!" No additional comment required.


Have to say at times you do seem to have some common sense in your views...


Is there a reason you left out some my original post? Context is important.

Originally the entire post was this ->

Totally agree! Governor Ducey should have the road department remove the bridge on the on the I40 coming to and from California, and put gun boats on the lake to keep those Calies on their own side ! (this is supposed to be a joke.) Who agrees ?


Yes, your content was utterly ridiculous and attempting to label it as a "joke" was just stupid. And the "context" of your post was blowing up bridges and gun boats on the lake.






[ohmy], what""" 1. The "goal posts" have moved because there is more knowledge now about this deadly disease! Why would that cause distrust?? Ridiculous! 2. There are some treatments but too many deaths show that more treatments are necessary to save lives! Too soon to reopen! 3. "panic pushers" ??? Are you referring to those of us with the intellect to listen to the Scientists that know more than we do?? I truly don't care if you want to follow the leader and risk your life but I do care that you risk the lives of others who are doing their duty to stop the spread of Covid 19!




All bogus garbage pushed by the massively ignorant - i.e. trump.


And your back off your meds again....


"You're" - And you still have no concept of simple English. And why do you lie? I am not "off my meds" - where do you get such stupid trash?



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