Dems, GOP forge virus outbreak into '20 campaign issue

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about the coronavirus Thursday, March 12, 2020, in Wilmington, Del.

Mohave County Democrats backed Joe Biden in the Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday with twice as many votes as rival Bernie Sanders, but several candidates who have dropped out of the race in recent weeks also received significant support.

Biden received 44 percent of the vote overall in Mohave County, just a hair more than the 43 percent of the vote he received statewide en route to victory in Arizona as a whole. Sanders garnered just 22 percent of the local votes within the county, compared to 31 percent statewide.

Bloomberg also had a strong showing with 15 percent of the votes within Mohave County despite dropping out of the race weeks ago. Bloomberg actually came in second place in two out of the three precincts around Lake Havasu City, edging out Sanders by a handful of votes in both Desert Hills and Lake Havasu City North. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom have also suspended their campaigns in recent weeks, received 6 and 5 percent of the vote respectively in Mohave County.

In all 39.11 percent of registered Democrats turned in a ballot for the Presidential Preference Election. All three local precincts had slightly higher-than-average turnout with between 41 and 43 percent of registered Democrats casting ballots around Havasu.

Mohave County

8,106 votes cast of 20,592 registered Democrats (39.11 percent)

Biden – 3,640 votes (44 percent)

Sanders – 1,799 votes (22 percent)

Bloomberg – 1,250 votes (15 percent)

Buttigieg – 1,250 votes (6 percent)

Warren – 421 votes (5 percent)

Klobuchar – 201 votes (2 percent)

LHC North

630 votes cast of 1,474 registered Democrats (42.74 percent)

Biden – 286 votes (45.69 percent)

Bloomberg – 109 votes (17.41 percent)

Sanders – 106 votes (16.93 percent)

Buttigieg – 47 votes (7.51 percent)

Warren – 27 votes (4.31 percent)

Klobuchar – 24 votes (3.83 percent)

LHC South

1,717 votes cast of 4,184 registered Democrats (41.04 percent)

Biden  – 793 votes (46.35 percent)

Sanders – 333 votes (19.46 percent)

Bloomberg – 280 votes (16.36 percent)

Buttigieg – 120 votes (7.01 percent)

Warren – 73 votes (4.27 percent)

Klobuchar – 53 votes (3.10 percent)

Desert Hills

141 ballots of 333 registered voters (42.34 percent)

Biden – 74 votes (52.48 percent)

Bloomberg – 25 votes (17.73 percent)

Sanders – 18 votes (12.77 percent)

Buttigieg –  9 votes (6.38 percent)

Warren – 7 votes (4.96 percent)

Klobuchar – 1 vote (0.71 percent)


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