Lake Havasu High School

Lake Havasu High School Principal Scott Becker (left) points a student in the right direction during the final passing period of the day back in October. That was the first day back on campus for Havasu’s secondary students.

Mohave County has put the finishing touches on correcting an error on the property tax statements of about 46,000 lots in the Lake Havasu City area with those bills coming due in less than two weeks.

On Monday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt amended tax levies and rates that corrected a scrivener’s error on the Lake Havasu Unified School District Class B Bond Debt Service. The clerical error resulted in the Class B Bond levy for the school district being listed at $0.7333 – when it should be $0.2259. The amendment reinstated the corrected rate, which reduced the total tax levy by about $4.5 million.

County spokesperson Roger Galloway confirmed that corrected property tax statements have now been sent to all affected property owners.

Chief Deputy Treasurer Luke Mournian told Today’s News-Herald last week that anyone who paid the tax prior to receiving the corrected statement would have the amount they overpaid automatically applied to future taxes unless they request a refund. Normally there is a $25 processing fee for a refund from the county, but Mournian said the error on the initial bills counts as a mitigating circumstance so that fee will be waived in this instance.

For more information about how to get a refund for over-billing from the Mohave County Treasurer’s Office, call 928-753-0737, or visit


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