Sam Elters

Sam Elters

Mohave County Manager Sam Elters will get a 15% raise this year, following his first year on the job.

Elters was hired as the county’s manager last year, following the retirement of former manager Mike Hendrix.

Elters has received a salary from the county of about $153,000 under a one-year contract. That contract is now set to be renewed for another year starting June 1, with a 15% pay increase after a decision at Monday’s meeting of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. Elters will now make about $176,000 per year under his contract with Mohave County.

Elters started at a tumultuous time for Mohave County. Throughout 2020 Elters has worked with county health officials to provide testing and vaccination against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and has faced issues such as a rise in unemployment fraud committed against Mohave and other counties throughout the state.

According to Mohave County Supervisor Ron Gould, the reasons for Elters’ raise were a matter of administration, as well as appreciation.

When Elters was hired, negotiations between Elters and county human resources officials led to an initial $150,000 salary, despite a willingness by the county to pay $160,000, Gould said. With Elters’ contract now renewed, the county has now agreed to provide additional compensation.

“He’s done a great job, so we went ahead and gave him a raise,” Gould said.

All Mohave County employees received a 5% pay increase last year, Gould said, but Elters joined the county’s administration after last year’s budgetary session.

According to Board Chairman Buster Johnson, Elters’ starting salary was about $25,000 lower than what the county paid for Hendrix’ contract through Scottsdale-based human resources company Educational Services Incorporated.

Although Johnson initially opposed hiring Elters in 2020, he says he supports the board’s unanimous decision to extend Elters’ contract, and the pay increase that comes with it.

By contrast, the county paid $178,000 under Hendrix’ contract prior to his retirement last year.

Prior to Elters’ tenure as Mohave County Manager, he was employed by the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Kingman district. He later became state engineer for the department before his transition to the private sector.

In 2020, Elters was chosen from five potential candidates as the county’s manager.


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Here is a link to what typical annual raises are in the U.S. Looks like someone is significantly outside of the average wage increase band. My GUESS is that he was most likely hired way below the pay grade and now the County is playing catchup. That of course is only one of many different reasons why this pay increase might be justified.,a%202.7%25%20bump%20in%20pay.


I would like to see the total compensation package. He deserves a good salary living in the hottest place on earth.


Good for him.


Why not, it's not their money.


At BigBob...👍👍

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