County Supervisor Steve Moss suggests to not feed burros likes these if you run across them.

County Supervisors may decide if feeding burros near roadways should be illegal on Monday.

Supervisor Steve Moss will present the idea of an ordinance that would restrict overly generous travelers from feeding the wild burros who sometimes wander up to the road.

He said with burro-related traffic incidents on the rise, keeping burros away from traffic is becoming a public safety concern.

Not to mention, burros usually don’t fare well against cars. Earlier this month, a burro was struck and killed near the Laughlin Bridge.

“We want to keep the burros alive, so please stop feeding them,” Moss said.

For those who really want to feed a burro, he suggests going to Oatman where burros wander around safely.

“Burros are fairly intelligent; you can teach them to expect food from the roadway,” Moss said.

The Bureau of Land Management is currently looking for ways to augment burro breeding in the area, including vaccinating female burros with an immunocontraceptive that it’s currently gathering public comments on. According to BLM estimates, there are 5,000 burros on public lands, and herd sizes are expected to double in the next four years.


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We are spending an inordinate amount of time and money on "Burro's" with no end in sight. A $1 million has been invested in a cattle guard and a 4 foot high fence from mile marker 189 for 12 miles along both sides of the I-95 to contain the resident burro’s, however, upon completion a motorcyclist hit and killed one at mile marker ....................... 188, duh!! I guess the burro's can adapt to change faster than the human element, as they obviously watched fence construction to determine their new cross walk location, could care less about cautionary road signs, the latest human concerns regarding their breeding habits or family planning, and will continue to consume food from motorists while foraging along the 95. Why don't the local, state, and federal agencies do some behind closed door planning before exposing their inadequacies on the subject. Maybe learn from our esteemed City Council, hire a burro specialist, and perform a “study” to provide various solutions to donkey problems facing the populace?

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