Mohave County voting precincts will remain as they have been since 2015, and a new county elections specialist could have his or her hands full to serve all 24 of them.

According to Deputy Mohave County Elections Director Steve Harris, the new elections specialist would replace former elections assistant Nancy Krahulec, who retired from the department last month after almost 30 years. The new hire would earn between $17-27 per hour.

“Nancy will be missed,” Harris said. “She did a lot. We don’t have a specific candidate in mind to replace her, but the position will be wide open. We should be posting the position (this week).”

The new hire would be tasked with supervising temporary elections employees, preparing employee payroll, recruiting new employees and coordinating election night reporting efforts. The supervisor would also be required to aid in preparing the department’s budget, testing ballot machines and refining election practices.

“It’s an important position, and there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it,” Harris said. “There are time lines to meet, they have to send out notices, and they have to recruit poll workers – we’ll need about 400 to 450 poll workers per election.”

According to Harris, nationwide staffing shortages are unlikely to affect the county’s efforts to gain poll workers.

“It’s a tough job, but I don’t think the number of poll workers we get will be different from any other election year,” Harris said.

The decision to hire the department’s new elections specialist was made via a consent agenda item at Monday’s meeting of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors.


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