J’aime Morgaine

J’aime Morgaine

Kingman resident J’aime Morgaine might have a new bone to pick with the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission.

Morgaine, a former Democratic candidate for the Arizona Senate, has been an outspoken critic of commission member LaJuana Gillette, of Lake Havasu City, after the latter wrote a series of social media posts that Morgaine and other county residents viewed as racially antagonistic. Morgaine has appeared at every meeting of the commission since August, she says, to protest Gillette’s continued presence on the panel. At Wednesday’s meeting, however, Morgaine saw additional cause for offense.

When she was given the opportunity to speak during the meeting’s call to the public, commission members Bill Abbott, Dale Kelley and Brad Meahl walked out. According to Morgaine, this action came following a joke by the commission members in reference to Mohave County’s Democratic community.

“I heard (Kelley) say, ‘Democrats are able to come and protest because they don’t have day jobs’,” Morgaine said at the meeting. “I take great umbrage to that. I am here today, able to come and call LaJuana Gillette to accountability because I am a service-connected, disabled United States Veteran. I take serious umbrage with this commission, sitting here and making partisan-rhetoric jokes about such things.”

Morgaine and her supporters have contended with Gillette’s continued presence on the Planning and Zoning Commission, and have previously called for her removal after social media posts by Gillette appeared to disparage minorities last year. According to Morgaine, such views have no place in any public position, whether that position is appointed, or elected.

Gillette, who was also appointed by Gov. Doug Ducey to the Arizona Board of Nursing last year, has since denied accusations of racism, indicating a perceived liberal compulsion toward hurling such accusations at those who don’t share their respective views.

“This is a Christian nation,” Gillette posted to Facebook in July. “I like it like that. It’s what we have always been and what we were meant to be. We have to fight for our country and America. We must stop the minorities from coming here and trying to change us.”

Gillette’s comments further warned against the practice of Sharia law in Muslim communities throughout the country. Mohave County Supervisor Ron Gould, who appointed Gillette to her position on the Planning and Zoning Commission, chose to take no action in reference to Gillette’s remarks last year.

Ducey, however, has since rejected Gillette’s apparent views.

“These comments are not aligned with our views – we denounce them,” Ducey spokesman Patrick Ptak reportedly told Arizona Republic journalists in December.

Morgaine has indicated she will continue to seek Gillette’s removal from the commission.

“This is supposed to be a commission that represents every single constituent in this county,” Morgaine said. “Gov. Doug Ducey has publically denounced LaJuana Gillette. We need urgent legislative reform so we can get (her) – with her views and beliefs that are antithetical to Arizona values – off of appointed commissions. Mohave County doesn’t have that kind of legislation yet. If the governor of this state can understand racism and xenophobia is a nonpartisan issue, then this county should be able to make the same decision.”

Meahl represents Mohave County’s third district, and was appointed to the commission by Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson. Meahl could not be reached by telephone for comment as of Thursday afternoon, but Johnson spoke to Today’s News-Herald about Meahl’s actions.

“There’s nothing that says they have to sit there,” Johnson said. “They can’t respond to questions and they can’t take action during the call to the public. But they don’t make laws. They’re volunteers. They don’t have authority over anyone else – the only power the members have is their one vote. It’s hard to get volunteers like that when they’re getting attacked for doing a job that doesn’t pay any money.”

The meeting continued into its regular agenda shortly after Morgaine left the podium.


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Lujana Gillette is not a racist. Shame on the Herald for glorifying Morgaine using a public p & z platform to harass someone who does not share her beliefs. Gillette does much to serve our community in many ways without pay or thanks. Commissioners are unbiased in their decision making on public issues and have every right to maintain their personal beliefs.


Things seem fine in Mohave County and especially Lake Havasu City. Mucho thanks to our local politicians.


Anyone holding public office – paid or not – who espouses the idiocy that we are “A Christian nation” is a danger to everyone, Christian or not. This is the kind of crap Russia tries to slip through as just another means of keeping our once great nation (BT) divided and to create hate. This fool needs to be removed and the sooner the better for everyone living in Mohave County.


New member but already tired of your opinions. She needs to stay you need to move to California....


Well it obvious that anything goes in today's political environment, just look at the president's behavior. America used to be great, now we seem to be striving to be a third world country... Grab em by the pu**y!


Oh My! I tried to quote the president of the United States in my post above and the editor would not allow his quote to post because it was considered to be profane. Well, that pretty much proves my case...


Yup you are correct. We have to be constantly aware of what we write on these public forms so that we at least uphold what most in the community consider to be appropriate writings. I believe that Trump's statement; while said in a somewhat private setting; were never meant to be heard by We-The-People just as Obama's open mike statement during the Putin meeting was never meant to be heard by the public.

It is also probably true that what we heard him say can be overheard in almost any corporate boardroom or mens locker room on any given day in America. Hopefully those of us who post here frequently hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Have a great day HavasuGuy.


For the sake of my daughters, grand-daughters, sisters and the rest of the female population, I hope a great country like America can overcome this disgusting behavior rather than embrace it...

You have a great day too Tom


tomgarven - [thumbup]


And I am quite also quite confident HavasuGuy that if my granddaughter heard someone say that they might just find themselves bucking up the wrong tree so to speak.


[beam] Try to use the common name for "Richard" Nixon!"


I thought this whole thing was settled by this statement.

Until such time that her personal beliefs are proven to have interfered with her decision making abilities on the board or some board actions were inappropriate resulting from that belief structure; then she should continue to serve as a board member.

If at some future time evidence is provided that proves her decision making ability was flawed by her personal beliefs or that some board action or decision was inappropriate or deemed wrong because of her beliefs; then consideration should be given for her removal.

What we seem to be doing here is trying to convince others that her decision making ability is somehow flawed because of her personal beliefs without presenting any evidence of wrongdoing because of her beliefs. Any citizen can ask for a change in government policy or actions when evidence is presented that such change is needed. To date I have not seen any such evidence that her personal beliefs have in any way affected her decision making ability NOR has any board action been judged to have been inappropriate or in error as the result of her personal beliefs.

By the same token I also do not agree with all of her stated personal beliefs however I have not seen any evidence that they have in some way interfered with her decision making abilities either.

Dawn King

Tom, I respectfully disagree with your defense of LuJuana Gillette's behavior. As long as LuJuana serves on the planning commission, she serves as a representative of Mohave County and her actions and statements should reflect behavior that is respectful to all her constituents. As such, LuJuana cannot cherrypick when she's on the job and when she's a private citizen. County employees have been reprimanded and/or fired for conduct on their personal time off if such behavior is unacceptable by county standards. There's an old saying that we hire people for their skills and fire them because of their personalities. That being said, LuJuana's certainly entitled to her beliefs, but as a county representative, she needs to demonstrate a modicum of class and professionalism and park her bigotry and religious rhetoric at the door. If she cannot do that, then yes, it demonstrates a huge flaw in her ability to make sound and objective policy decisions. The best thing for LuJuana and the County would be her resignation from the commission. As a private citizen she can make as big of an arse out of herself as she wants.


I agree completely Dawn, we should not embrace these kinds of behaviors in our representatives. If you can't raise your personal principals to a civil level, don't volunteer to represent the public.


Hi Dawn: I of course respectfully disagree with your disagreement, ha ha, Prior to the General Election of 2018 Ms. Morgaine participated in a Ballotpedia's candidate survey on August 28, 2018. The survey questions appear in bold and J'aime responses are contained in the following link.


One statement made by Ms. Morgaine I believe is very relevant to our discussion. That comment is contained below in quotes. The question was - “Who do you look up to? Whose example would you like to follow and why?”.

“My spiritual mentors are Maya Angelou, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus, because they set the example on how to fight oppressive systems. And Kelly Fryer is the leader I most want to be like...she passionately challenges the underlying processes that create social imbalances in a way that changes the conversation.”.

Now let's take a look at the first person [Angelou] she believes would make a good mentor and just one of their memorable quotes. “If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”. This makes me wonder if after attending every Mohave County board meeting without success that just maybe it really is time to follow the advice of a mentor she values.

And the next person Gandhi who had these words spoken of his public behaviors. “It was no secret that Mohandas Gandhi had an unusual sex life. He spoke constantly of sex and gave detailed, often provocative, instructions to his followers as to how to they might best observe chastity. And his views were not always popular; "abnormal and unnatural" was how the first Prime Minister … “. If I were running for political office I certainly wouldn't select Gandhi as a role model or someone I looked up to as a valued mentor. While he did accomplished great things, he never seemed to let his personal beliefs stand in his way. What made people so accepting of his flawed personality?

And let us continue by looking at some of the traits of Martin Luther King Jr. “Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Christian minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968” from Wikipedia. Now I would certainly agree that Martin Luther King Jr. was an excellent leader but he was also a christian. How can in all fairness one christian be such an accomplished leader while another is criticized and condemned for stating their personal christian beliefs outside of a work environment by a fellow believer. When did we stop believing that fairness is not the exclusive preview of a self proclaimed christian.

And of course Jesus which doesn't need any quotes.


I believe that J'aime Morgaine has some significant problems in addition to her own self proclaimed suffering from PTSD. PTSD is a mental condition that needs to be treated by medical professionals. And judging by her significant loss during the General Election to Sonny by a vote of 27,918 to 8,065 many people in the general population probably agree. But what bothers me more than anything is that while she professes to be a christian she still seems unwilling to forgive another christian. When this whole mess raised its ugly head she did apologize for her public comments. And yet another self proclaimed christian continues to pursue condemnation of her beliefs even though they are made in a public form which in no way represents the Counties position. To me those types of behaviors do not represent what I believe are consistent with the teachings of most if not all christian faiths at least to some extent. And yet we expect the complete separation of church and state in the actions our government has been given authority to perform. Just how realistic is that goal and what level would be a good measure of success. Would it be 50%, 80% or should we dismiss anyone from office who does not achieved 100% compliance. And I certainly wonder what type of measurement tool we might use, ha ha

What this story reminds me of is a book by George Orwell where he talked about a society plagued by “thought police”. You are punished for what you think even while you dream. Try to envision a world where as part of your job application or an application for some political office you are required to list your thoughts for the last 90 days. How many people do you know could possibly pass that type of personal scrutiny if they were honest. And yet almost monthly we hear about some politician who apologizes for something they did only to change their methods so they don't get caught in the future. It is like my favorite president JFK. His ability as a leader was rarely questioned and he brought the country together to achieve great things. His moral character however was certainly questioned yet he remained in office until his death. Should we be asking ourselves why these thing keep happening?

I sincerely believe that both of the individuals involved would be better off if they just let the hostilities heal. Certainly neither party is totally correct nor is either party totally wrong. There are errors that have been made by both parties. However, to continue to punish someone for what they believe as long as it does not interfere with their job performance to me is wrong. Hopefully we never become a society of “thought police”.

Sorry for the long posting Dawn. Good discussion.

Dawn King

Tom, I always enjoy reading your circuitous analogies, however, on this one, we will have to agree to disagree. The glaring difference here is that LuJuana and her fellow board members are serving as a county representatives, and Jaime Morgaine is a private citizen. That being said, LuJuana may or may not be a racist, but based on her public comments, she sure sounds like one. Of course she's entitled to her religious "beliefs," but as a county representative, whether paid or not, she appears to be using that position as a platform to dictate her own political and religious ideologies rather than focusing on the needs of her constituents. Whether LuJuana and some of her commission members like it or not, government institutions (local, state and federal) exist in the "real world" and not the "belief world." Policy decisions should be based on reason, rationality, facts and most importantly, a strong understanding of the social pact between government and the governed. The reality is that religious belief and faith (or whatever you want to call it) are just a respectful labels we lend to institutionalized delusion and magical thinking. And while belief in such things is all well and good if it serves to enhance an individual's life, it has no place in public policy. LuJuana should resign her county position and go volunteer at a church where she can be surrounded with people of her "own kind."


Like many others on this form we often agree to disagree on some topics but we usually end our discussions on a positive note. A good spirited discussion is always fun - thank you.

Now about my "circuitous analogies". Yup I do have a tendency to get lengthy when a certain the topic peaks my interest. I also believe that some of our readers might appreciate a longer narrative when a good discussion is taking place. In any case it was a good spirited discussion.

Have a great day Dawn.






Dec 31, 2019 - “Mi tiempo ha expirado. 2020 ha llegado. Coloreame que me haya ido. Adios.”

Mintió, como siempre


J'aime Morgaine -Democrat troublemaker. What is it with these people? They're almost as bad as the "Occupy Somethingoranother" crowd.



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