Vaccine rollout

Mohave County has distributed a total of 3,262 covid-19 vaccinations through almost four weeks of distribution, but the county is still lagging behind much of the state in terms of vaccinating its entire population.

According to data from the Arizona Department of Health Services, about 1.503% of the county’s population has received the first of two doses of vaccine so far. With 165,531 vaccine doses distributed throughout Arizona, the statewide average is 2.303% of the population.

Mohave County’s vaccination rate places it 13th out of 15 counties in Arizona, ahead of only La Paz County which has distributed the first dose to about 0.928% of its population, and Apache County, which has reached about 0.868% of its population. Gila County (3.798%), Coconino County (3.215%) and Pima County (3.169%) have the highest vaccination rates in the state through Tuesday, according to ADHS.

As of this week, Mohave County has received or is scheduled to receive a total of 9,600 doses of vaccine, and has distributed a little more than a third of those doses. Each vaccination requires two doses for full protection, with 28 days between doses for the Moderna vaccine being distributed in the county. The Pfizer vaccine requires 21 days between doses.

Currently no one in Mohave County has received both doses of vaccination yet, according to ADHS which states that its numbers may not include all vaccinations within the last 24 hours. But Tuesday marked exactly 28 days since the first people in Mohave County and Lake Havasu City started receiving the vaccine so more and more people should start to be fully vaccinated in Mohave County in the coming days and weeks.

In Arizona three counties are still listed in the 1A phase - La Paz, Pima and Yavapai. Mohave County is one of eight counties distributing to priority 1B groups starting with protective services occupations along with Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, Maricopa, and Yuma counties. Apache County, Navaho County, Pinal County and Santa Cruz County are all currently listed in Phase 1B which also includes adults 75 and over, education and childcare workers, and others.


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Should have had Amazon take care of the vaccine distribution.




Yeah huh, free market FTW.


As someone in Category 1b interested in getting vaccinated, I can say the information, process, and method are all causing some of the confusion and delay. I have a colleague who signed up last week got an appointment same day for this Thursday. Another colleague signed up this Monday and has their appointment today. I signed up on Monday and have not heard anything. Bureaucracy seems to confound best intentions every time.

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