A site for the new Mohave County animal shelter has been narrowed down to five locations.

After more than two months, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors on Monday will discuss possible first steps in the construction of a new county animal shelter.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors in May voted not to renew a longstanding contract with the Western Arizona Humane Society, which once offered sheltering services from its Kingman facility. With the organization no longer contracted to assist the county, Mohave County officials are exploring the option of a new facility to house the county’s thousands of wayward animals each year, although renovating the facility once used by the Humane Society is also an option.

On June 17, Mohave County staff were assigned to determine possible sites compatible with the possible construction of a new animal shelter, within a budget constraint of no more than $2 million. Officials are expected to produce the results of their study to the Board of Supervisors next Monday, with information as to a site selection, location and design process for supervisors’ final approval.

According to Mohave County Public Works Director Steven Latoski, a 2016 study by the Citizens Animal Shelter Needs Assessment Committee listed criteria necessary to the success of a new county animal shelter.

It would need to be central to Mohave County’s population, the committee said, and central to where most surrendered animals and calls for service originate. It would also need to be visible to passing traffic, accessible from a major roadway, and in a neighborhood tolerant to barking dogs.

From these criteria, five prospective sites held potential for a new animal shelter, on parcels adjacent to Mohave County Neil Butler Community Park, Kingman’s Mohave County Warehouse/Armory facility, the Mohave County Library in Kingman, the Mohave County Fairgrounds and the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office substation in Mohave Valley.

According to a July report by the Mohave County Public Works Department, there are still opportunities for expanding and modernizing the county’s current animal shelter building, which would require the purchase of a lot adjacent to the existing facility. The county could build a new 320 square-foot administration building to replace the shelter’s existing building, and create a separate, new 2,500 square-foot intake, isolation and medical procedure building. Existing kennel buildings would need to be remodeled and repurposed, with room for 15 additional kennels. The facility’s cat rooms and adoption yards would each also be expanded, according to the report’s proposal – all at a cost of about $1.5 million.

County staff members will present options and designs for a new animal shelter to the Board of Supervisors at its Aug. 19 meeting, where supervisors will discuss or possibly make a final decision.


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If you believe this is unfair taxation or is showing favoritism to a particular city by the County, then I encourage you to send an email to: Buster.Johnson@mohavecounty.us expressing your displeasure or concerns.

Our County Supervisors need to hear our concerns.


I guess Lake Havasu's shelter can be looking forward to some reimbursement funds from the county?


We can at least hope something like that happens [sad]


I have been posting my objections to this COUNTY funding of an animal shelter for weeks. I am NOT against the protection of dogs, cats, donkeys, pigs or any other type of animal but this is a discriminatory use of county funds. Yes I said discrimination. One city is being singled out to receive funding no other city is receiving. I thought our tax dollars were returned to every community on an equal basis in accordance with the services each community receives from the County. This DOES NOT appear to be true any longer. Why is preferential treatment being given to Kingman?

Havasu can certainly use some money. Bullhead I am sure would like a few dollars as well as would every other city up and down the river in Mohave county to help fund their animal shelters. This is just wrong thinking by some of our County Supervisors. EACH community needs to step up to the plate and fund its own animal shelter. It is NOT the responsibility of the County to fund such a facility using TAX dollars from OTHER cities.


So why are our tax dollars going toward and animal shelter in Kingman? I don't recall they contributed to the LHC animal shelter.


Those are my thoughts exactly Proudindependent. I can only hope more Supervisors come to their senses. Might be a good time to call or send an email to Buster Johnson at; Buster.Johnson@mohavecounty.us expressing your displeasure.

Can Of Corn

Yeah! And make sure you start out your letter with: Dear 💩 Heap!

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