Lake Havasu High School

Lake Havasu High School Principal Scott Becker (left) points a student in the right direction during the final passing period of the day back in October. That was the first day back on campus for Havasu’s secondary students.

A clerical error by Mohave County that applied a 200% increase to tax levies for property owners in the Lake Havasu Unified School District is being corrected by county finance officials.

The fee increase affected about 46,000 parcels of land within the school district. According to Mohave County Chief Deputy Treasurer Luke Mournian, efforts are under way to correct the mistaken rate increase.

“The treasurer’s office is working to issue corrected tax statements as quickly as possible, and will notify the public once statements have been mailed,” Mournian said.

According to Mournian, most overpayments are automatically applied to future taxes. Residents would normally have to pay a $25 processing fee for a refund from the county, unless there’s a mitigating circumstance. And Mournian says this month’s circumstance fits that description.

“The LHUSD bond levy rate error is considered a mitigating circumstance, and any refund requests that the treasurer’s office receives will be processed at no charge to the taxpayer.”

According to Mohave County Financial Services Director Coral Loyd, a scrivener’s error on the school district’s bond service levy led to higher rates in Havasu -- from the county’s actual rate of $0.2259 to $0.7333. The financial services department is aware of the error, Loyd said, and will present corrected tax rates and levies for the Lake Havasu Unified School District at the Mohave County Board of Supervisors’ next meeting on Oct. 18.

As of Monday, the Mohave County Treasurer’s website presented information on local taxes that conflicted with what Havasu residents saw on this month’s property tax bills. According to Mournian, that has since been fixed.

According to Mournian, the most up-to-date tax information for Havasu residents is now available on the treasurer’s homepage, at

For more information about how to get a refund for over-billing from the Mohave County Treasurer’s Office, call 928-753-0737, or visit


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