As large as Mohave County is, much of its landscape is inhospitable, and in some places even treacherous. County workers are responsible for more than 14,000 square miles – and for that, they need horsepower.

Mohave County Procurement officers put out a request for bid this year for 20 new vehicles for the county’s fleet, serving the county’s Public Fiduciary, Probation, Patrol, Engineering, Parks, Water and Sheriff’s Departments. Of about 40 potential bidders, two could be awarded a contract for the new vehicles, including Phoenix-based Courtesy Chevrolet and Bullhead City-based Findlay Automotive Group.

The two contracts represent a collective $1.16 million expense by the county, much of which was approved in the Mohave County Board of Supervisors’ 2019 budget. Public Works directors will, however, require $108,000 from the county’s vehicle replacement fund, $14,000 from the county’s Highway User Revenue Fund and $5,700 from the county’s GVID fund to complete the purchase.

Each new vehicle will be required to operate under standard conditions, according to the contract, and each will be warrantied against potential wear or damage.

As procurement officers seek new vehicles for the county, however, repair and maintenance of the county’s existing vehicles remains of concern. The Mohave County Public Works Department will request transfers of $108,000 to overcome budget shortfalls for the remainder of this fiscal year for expenses relating to the maintenance and service of the county’s vehicles.

According to Public Works Department records, the county has spent more than $730,000 this fiscal year on unleaded gasoline alone, and will require another $97,000 until June. The Public Works Department will also require an additional $70,000 for diesel fuel, and $28,000 for vehicle lubricant for the remainder of the 2019 fiscal year.

With repairs on six county vehicles still underway, the Public Works Department estimates a $10,000 budget shortfall before June, according to Public Works Director Steven Latoski.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors will discuss both the acquisition of new vehicles and the fulfillment of maintenance costs for the county’s current fleet at its May 6 meeting in Kingman.


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