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Firefighters put out hot spots in the area near Body Beach earlier this year.

Mohave County is now the second-most active region of the state for wildfires, according to the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management.

According to Fire Management Public Affairs Officer Tiffany Davila, humans continue to be the leading cause of wildfires in Arizona – including a fire that engulfed Body Beach this March, razing more than 80 acres of land and spreading as far south as the Havasu Riviera.

With 11 fires in the past five months, Mohave County is second in wildfire activity this year only to Cochise County. Last week, the Fire Management Department advised Mohave County residents to be proactive in preventing such fires from occurring.

“Protect your property by creating defensible space,” Davila said. “Trim back dry or dead vegetation, including limbs that touch a home. Always keep your lawn watered and mowed, cut back overgrown grasses, clean out gutters and clean debris of porches and remove flammable materials from around the home.”

According to Davila, drivers are advised to maintain their vehicles’ tires, and secure tow chains to avoid sparks that could create roadside fires.

Fire Management Officer John Truett last week attributed the rise in Mohave County wildfires to increased winter rain and snowfall, the moisture from which has created an influx of growth – which could become fuel for potential fires.

“As temperatures begin to heat up, that vegetation will dry out and act as kindling if a fire gets going,” Truett said. “Let us all do our part to reduce fire risk across the state. Please use common sense and do not get complacent.”

The department’s announcement came less than a month after meetings between Gov. Ducey and Arizona fire officials to preview the 2019 fire season. According to statements by the Governor’s office, officials are expecting increased vegetation to fuel additional wildfires throughout the state. Ducey advised that Arizonans be vigilant and prepared this wildfire season by taking precautions advised by the Fire Management Department.

The Fire Management Department has made a mobile phone app available to provide wildfire information and fire restriction details. The application can be downloaded by searching “Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management” on iTunes or Google Play stores.


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