Packed beaches

There was no shortage of people at London Bridge Beach, Thompson Bay, Rotary Park, and along Bridgewater Channel on a Saturday afternoon earlier this month.

Boats will once again be allowed to park on the beaches throughout Bridgewater Channel starting today as Lake Havasu City slowly works toward lifting restrictions that were put in place during the shutdown.

Lake Havasu City originally banned mooring in the channel at the end of March to comply with Gov. Doug Ducey’s Stay Home, State Safe, Stay Connected order. Since that order expired, the city has been slowly reopening its amenities. City Manager Jess Knudson said the mooring restrictions will be rescinded, and signs that have dotted the beaches will be removed by early afternoon today.

“True to our word, we have been talking about trying to slowly open certain amenities and little by little those things have occurred,” Knudson said. “Obviously the results of the blitz testing that came back (Tuesday) were very, very positive. So all those factors helped us determine that.”


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One side for boats the other side clear for people as stated earlier. PS I own a boat!


Crazy people launch their boat idle to the channel and park all day. They think people are looking at their 10 year old outdated boat. Keep the beaches open to the swimmers.


"California may be reopening too quickly, state health official warns." Oh, that won't affect us over here says Arizona politicians.


Closing the mooring did NOTHING to stop COVID. It was pointless as people parked in the lots and packed the beaches. It was likely worse as the boats actually spread people out. Without them people were packed in tight on the little sand available there.


The big urinal is back in action![beam]


sunny864 - [thumbup] Yes, and people in L.A. drink that water.


Yes, boats can now go back to where they belong!


It was much nicer with the boats gone. No crazy music, and all the boats taking up the nice space on the beach. I guess Havasu likes the MTV crowd. We will take out kids back to Rotary Park where the beach is a beach not a parking lot.


I thought it rather nice, being able to enjoy the channel, the bridge and the walkways with out the boats and the overwhelming smell of gas, and carbon monoxide. Se la vie....


Now the boats can go back to their spots and the swimmers can go back to their spots, as it should be.

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