Recognizing Mudshark Brewery for water conservation efforts

From left, Water Resource Coordinator Doyle Wilson, Mayor Mark Nexsen, Mudshark Brewery owners Tina Stocking and Scott Stocking; and Water Conservation Specialist Briana Morgan.

A second Lake Havasu City business has been recognized this year for its efforts in water conservation.

Havasu’s Mudshark Brewery was recognized on July 17 by Mayor Mark Nexsen, Water Resource Coordinator Doyle Wilson and Water Conservation Specialist Briana Morgan for recent efforts to reduce both its consumption of water and the business’s energy dependency.

“Many businesses and individuals take great strides to conserve water in Lake Havasu City, and we should be recognizing them for their efforts,” Nexsen said.

Water conservation represents one of the pillars of Havasu’s Vision 20/20 Revitalization Plan, which the city will use as a guideline for future economic and community growth over the next several decades. In an economy driven by the Colorado River, water is a resource that Havasu’s Vision 20/20 team, which includes Nexsen, intends to protect.

“Their endeavor is exactly what the Vision 20/20 Revitalization Plan strives to achieve, so that Lake Havasu City can continue to be a destination of choice. Water is a precious resource and economic asset for Lake Havasu City: Without it, our city would not exist.”

Efforts by Mudshark Brewery to reduce its water consumption included upgrades that effectively halved the company’s water consumption from 2016 to 2017. This was done with the installation of two 3,000 cisterns at the brewery that capture water waste, which is used to clean machinery in the brewery, according to a statement from Lake Havasu City officials.

The brewery also was recognized for their energy efficiency, with the installation of solar panels in 2014. Mudshark Brewery now operates with 80 percent of its energy coming from a renewable resource.

Havasu’s Water Conservation Recognition Program began this year, and recipients are recognized each quarter. The first recipient of the award, Beachcomber Estates, was recognized in February.


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