Navigating Lake Havasu City’s wilderness has never been easier, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management.

“One of the neat things we’ve done recently is we’ve provided offroad maps through the Avenza app,” BLM Manager Jason West said, and according to him, it’s been a “huge success for the community.

The interactive Avenza app is a tool for campers, offroaders and anyone looking to use lands managed by BLM.

Using “geospatial” mapping, “you can actually look on your phone and there’s a spot that shows exactly where you are,” Valerie Gohlke of BLM explained – and that includes when users are in the middle of the desert or out on the water.

It also lets you know if you’re “on a legal trail, if you’re not, and how to get back,” West said. It also identifies what lands are managed by each agency, such as state parks or forest land.

BLM currently has trail maps, regional maps and boating campsites available for download on the free app. They’re also working on maps of the Parker area, too.

“We’ve put a whole lot of work into putting these maps together,” West said. “It’s a real success story for the office.”

During this time of year, the public room of the BLM is most often filled with visitors curious about offroading in the area. During the summer, boating campsites take the cake for most questions.

“I think probably about 75 percent of our front desk time is spent helping people get the Avenza app on their phone,” West said.

When the app is downloaded, BLM provides QR codes and instructions for getting specific maps that users need.

Gohlke reminds Havasu residents and visitors that the front room of the BLM office is open to the public, and staff are always happy to answer questions about Havasu lands and recreational opportunities.


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Do the maps work without cell service? Or is the wilderness now covered by cell towers?

Lake Havasu BLM

The maps work without cell service.

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