Needles City Council

Needles City Council considers declaring itself a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.

Needles, California, is now officially a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. This means that the city will exempt itself from any restrictive gun laws that California passes and it allows them to continue concealed carry and purchasing ammunition.

The declaration was approved unanimously by Needles City Council on Tuesday.

The resolution for the declaration states, “It is the desire of the City Council to declare its support of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

“The City Council affirms its support for the San Bernardino County Sheriff in his exercise of sound discretion to not enforce against any person an unconstitutional firearms and ammunitions law within the City, and to demonstrate leniency to concealed carry permit holders from other States while in the City,” the declaration states. The declaration aims to support “free flow of commerce,” as well.

It also states that Needles is “geographically and economically isolated within the State of California, with the nearest neighboring California cities of Barstow and Blythe, being 144 miles and 96 miles away, respectively… whereas, the City derives economic benefit from interstate commerce among and between the citizens of the City and the citizens of the States of Nevada and Arizona due to their proximity.”

Both Nevada and Arizona allow concealed carry permits from either state, but California does not recognize permits from any other state. On top of that, Proposition 63 in California “provides that all ammunition purchases or transfers made in California require a Department of Justice ‘point of sale’ eligibility check,” according to the resolution.

“The enforcement of these laws creates an undue hardship on the citizens of the City, who must forego the opportunity to conveniently purchase ammunition in a neighboring State, and instead must travel roundtrip over 3 hours in exercising their constitutional right to legally purchase ammunition,” harming the City’s economy “irreparably,” the resolution states.

The declaration calls California’s firearm laws “over restrictive” and impairing, creating “immediate adverse economic impacts” on Needles and its citizens.


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This is a great 1st step for Needles to get more people to come to their city so they can have stores and a step in the right direction to invite more groups to increase their $$$. Sad HwyRivr does not know there was stores but not enough people to keep them open and gun owners are NOT fools or radical. They are some of the smartest and very safe to be around unlike some others.... Thank you Needles,,, lets get it rolling...


Rest assured gun nuts are smart enough to NOT move to Needles! And no, there was not stores. They had one grocery store.


Sounds like you never have been there, I can remember last year that there was 2 stores there. Then they shut down due to not enough sales to support. HwyRovr sells fake news as he has no facts


No, there was not two stores in Needles last year. I worked in Needles for KTOX from 2003 until 2014 and watched as Basha's left town nearly seven years ago, and that is a fact. What is an additional fact is watching someone who has to stand up when they type.


Sad little Needles doesn't even have a grocery store and they pay these fools to pass this kind of garbage? The most radical gun fool is not going to move to a place where they can't buy their beer and wine, but on the up side they can get pot!

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