A California politician wants to ensure that the city of Needles can recognize concealed carry weapon permits from other states. Jay Obernolte, a Republican Assemblyman from Big Bear, California, said Wednesday he introduced a bill that “would allow California cities or counties to recognize other states’ concealed carry laws with authorization from either the city council or county board of supervisors.”

Obernolte’s district include Needles, which last year declared itself a Second Amendment Sancutary, meaning the city won’t enforce gun legislation it believes to be in violation of the Constitution. Needles is located near the Arizona and Nevada borders. Both Nevada and Arizona allow concealed carry permits from either state, but California does not recognize permits from any other state.

Under Obernolte’s bill, county sheriffs would also be required to extend approval of concealed carry permits from other states.

“This bill would allow sister communities that are divided by a state border to freely conduct travel without unnecessary restrictions that place a burden on local residents,” Obernolte said in a news release.

Obernolte called the proposal “common sense,” adding that “cities and counties should have the power to determine what is suitable for their residents.”

His bill could have a tough time in the California State Legislature, where Democrats hold a supermajority in both houses.


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