The Lake Havasu City Planning and Zoning Commission approved a new plan for The Shops that splits up each building into separate parcels, allowing for individual ownership of the buildings and lots.

Most of the 10 parcels in discussion are already existing buildings, but two of the parcels are empty lots, waiting to be built on.

One is a vacant lot next to Star Cinemas, with some parking included. Another is a larger parcel, which contained two building pads originally, but in this case would be used for one building pad. That lot sits east of Dillard’s, on the southeast end of The Shops. This parcel would include a portion of the existing parking.

“The parking is going to stay parking,” Lee Johnson of Accurate Professional Land Surveying, Inc. said.

“Really all this is doing is creating the separation of each building, giving someone the opportunity to own the buildings,” Zoning Administrator Stuart Schmeling said.

Johnson said that the original plans for the mall were split into four parcels.

“Then a year or two ago, we came forward in front of the commission and City Council and broke out three individual parcels… that way they could have their own ownership.”

The movie theater was one of those new individual parcels, allowing for new ownership.

“Now, the developer is coming back forward to break out the rest of the buildings on individual sites where they can end up having individual ownership for the buildings.

Debra Hunter, a self-proclaimed “snowbird” from North Dakota, frequents Dillard’s regularly.

“The parking lot’s always empty,” Hunter said, “so I think that would actually help Dillard’s business to bring another place. I go into a store for one item and I come out with 40. I think it would help the whole mall.”

There was one concern expressed during the review process, according to Schmeling. A building code provision was added in a condition to the proposed plan in order to meet separation requirements between properties.

The new plan was approved unanimously by the commission on Wednesday morning.


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And individual ownership fills all those "empty" store fronts with? Suggestion, why not fill those huge voids with Pickle Ball courts, a Pickle Ball equipment clothing and supply store and locker rooms?? The "dead mall" becomes alive for a change!


Pathetic - as usual.


And how about a 3-7 bay garage rental space where individuals can take their car/truck to a hoist so they can work on the underside of their vehicles. This town is loaded with antique cars that need service and trying to find a qualified mechanic for a 1960's vintage vehicle can be difficult. I know some guys who would love this option. difficult. Could also have specialized tool rentals like transmission jacks. Or how about a spray paint booth individuals you can rent. That would certainly get used in our community and could certainly help clean up our air quality. Different sizes for different projects. Everything from small antiques up to a small motorhome. Or maybe a stainless steel professional kitchen with supervised guidance that people could rent so they can prepare food for some special event or for online sales. And of course a speciality Pickle Ball and tennis equipment store including clothing and shoes for shutthefrondoor.


Thanks TG, and don't forget the courts.

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