Line Dance on the London Bridge

For the inaugural Line Dance on the London Bridge in 2011, more than 1,100 dancers showed up for the event. The final time the fund raiser will be staged atop the bridge is Feb. 23. After that, the event needs to find a new venue. City officials have decided the bridge will no longer be closed for special events, citing safety reasons.

City officials have decided to heed the warning “better safe than sorry.” After Feb. 23, the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City will no longer close for special events. City Manager Jess Knudson said the determination was made after ongoing talks with city staff.

Events that have required bridge closures include the annual Line Dance on the London Bridge, and Camaros on the Bridge, and infrequently, Corvettes on the Bridge. Each has required a closure of two to three hours.

While no medical emergencies have ever occurred while the bridge was temporarily closed, Knudson said the short-lived shutdowns were a constant source of concern for Island residents and businesses.

“The bridge is the only point of access on and off the Island. Residents complain because the closures cause too much commotion,” he said.

Characterizing the bridge decision as a fairly easy one to make because of safety concerns, Knudson mentioned that city officials were appreciative of all the special events that highlighted the bridge and the city.

“We’re grateful for all the events that have been on the bridge in the past. But the city has decided to go a different direction now,” he said.


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only in havasu

Safety should prioritize. It is funny though the guy making the decision just moved here from Phoenix. Has about zero understanding of local events and traditions. Go figure.


This is something that’s been along time coming, being the only access to an ever expanding population of temporary and permanent residents and businesses. With medical and fire emergencies seconds count. Now where is that secondary “Freedom Bridge” so long talked about?? How about it Ms. Ashley can we get a follow up piece on the ever elusive second Island Bridge?


Not a good idea to close the only road into a area where people live. The events on the bridge can be held elsewhere. Good move!


Probably a good idea. I’ve never been impacted by the closures, but for people choosing to live on the island I can see their trepidation. As to “Republiscums on the Bridge” (which never happened) that potential alone would make ending the practice a necessity and sending them “out of town” to Wal-Mart is an excellent idea where all of the Russian Operatives (“comrades”) can be identified!


So sad but safety is a concern! "Republicans on the Bridge" is now but a memory. "Republicans in Walmart" will take its place beginning each Saturday until Trump is elected. Comrades will be able to shop, walk, and talk about the wonderful things Donald Trump'll do these next four years.


Hi simon1dog: What do you think the changes are of getting a flat tax passes? My guess is about 0.001% Tax Code is really screwed up.

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