NRA banquet

Jesse Masters displays a Ruger Precision .308 for auction during the Lake Havasu London Bridge National Rifle Association Banquet, on Saturday, at the London Bridge convention center. It was one of 46 guns auctioned off.

On Saturday night more than 140 people gathered at the London Bridge Resort Convention Center to support the Lake Havasu London Bridge chapter of the National Rifle Association, through a banquet and auction.

“It’s all about second amendment rights,” said Stacy Hadley of the NRA, who directed the event. “We want to raise awareness and also secure the future for our kids. We want to give back.”

Hadley said the money raised will be given back to the Havasu community through grants, which will be awarded in October. Last year, she said, this NRA chapter awarded $23,000 to Mohave Sportsman Club to improve the ranges.

In all, 46 guns were auctioned, and $11,000 worth of merchandise. Ted Nugent T-shirts with the quote “I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders,” sold out in every size long before the event was over.

Hadley said she hopes to raise enough money give back to the community generously once more. She said the next NRA raffle is Oct. 25, where the winner will receive 50 guns. Proceeds of the upcoming raffle will go to communities throughout Arizona.


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Stacy Hadley

Actually Big Bob, we do support support more than just ensuring our children have the right to bear arms. We support several shooting programs. Like the young man holding the gun in the photo and several others that where there at the event that night. Shooting sports are a school sport and these kids are extremely talented and compete at National levels!


A "Child Gun Victim's" fund would be more appropriate.

big bob

Too bad they don't use the money for something like school sports. That's way more important than gun rights for kids


What the h*** is somebody going to do with 50 guns?

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