A woman and her 3-year-old baby, as well as others nearby, were saved Thursday by a Smith’s employee and off-duty La Paz County Sheriff Captain Curt Bagby.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, LPSO Sheriff Bill Risen said, “Captain Bagby was at a Havasu store when he observed a vehicle doing 360 degree turns in the parking lot. A mother and her three year old child were in the path of the out of control vehicle.”

The driver did not appear to be “in control of his faculties,” Risen said.

Bagby said that “a good Samaritan that works for Smith’s helped push her and her child out of the way.”

When the vehicle stalled, Bagby ran up to the vehicle to restrain the male driver and take his keys away so he couldn’t continue to drive. Risen said Bagby then put the driver in one of the electric carts and took the man into the store and out of the heat.

Bagby gives credit to the Smith’s employee for saving the woman and her child.

Risen wrote in his Facebook post, “Captain Bagby’s cool demeanor and take action attitude calmed the situation… The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office is proud of Captain Bagby and his swift action.”

Risen said Lake Havasu City Police responded to the incident and took the driver into custody Thursday.


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Thank you Captain Bagby and the Smith's employee who came to the aid of this woman and her child. Who knows what the outcome would have been if you weren't there.

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