Lake Havasu City Police Department officials said Sunday that local police officer Amanda Garvey was injured about 7:35 p.m. Saturday after she sustained an eye injury.

Sgt. Joe Harrold, department spokesman, said Garvey called for assistance over the police radio after an accidental discharge of her duty Taser.

During the incident, the Taser became caught on a utility vest worn by Garvey. The Taser discharged when it was being removed from its holster, he said.

“It was not during contact with a suspect,” Harrold said. “It was an accident.”

Garvey was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center, and has since been released, Harrold said.

Battalion Chief Rick Felish, of Lake Havasu City Fire Department, confirmed the fire department medics responded to the incident.

Felish declined to comment on the incident.

Harrold, too, declined to elaborate on Garvey’s duty status, and the severity of the injury.

Information pertaining to how long Garvey has been a police officer with the department wasn’t immediately available, Harrold said.

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HIPPA laws protect almost everyone. Like nkfro said, there is a reason things like this are called accidents. Besides, probably being investigated which means no info will be released until investigation is completed.


There's a reason incidents like this iare callled 'accidents' and it has nothing to do with cover-up conspiracies.


Typical police dept cover-up, no info, no details because the police have that special above the law fraternity


Well, they sure have plenty to report when the incident involves a member of the public that they are supposed to serve. No transparency in Lake Havasu...

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