A Lake Havasu City Police officer suffered a fractured hand in an attempt to apprehend a fleeing suspect last month.

Christopher J. Mercer, 30, was allegedly seen riding his bicycle in the early morning on Nov. 14, without a functioning headlight. Officers attempted to contact Mercer, who allegedly ignored them. An officer ordered Mercer to stop, the report said, and Mercer allegedly pedaled away.

Sgt. T.J. Frances exited his patrol vehicle as Mercer allegedly failed to heed commands to stop. Frances called for backup as he pursued Mercer on foot, the report said. According to police, Frances attempted to physically prevent Mercer from leaving, and Mercer allegedly struggled. The two men fell to the ground, the report said. Frances broke his fall with his hands, and police say he was later found to have suffered a boxer’s fracture.

Mercer allegedly escaped in the struggle, but was soon allegedly found hiding beneath a trailer on Sunflower Drive when supporting officers arrived.

Officers took Mercer into custody, and transported him to Lake Havasu City Jail on charges of aggravated assault against an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property due to damage caused to Frances’ wristwatch.

Prior to Mercer’s encounter with law enforcement, police say there appeared to be no evidence that Mercer was guilty of anything other than a violation of Lake Havasu City ordinance that prohibits riding a bicycle at night without a functioning headlight.


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A lot of paper work for a bike head light

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