Lake Havasu City Police officers were called to a Birch Square hotel on Halloween night after receiving reports of a man causing a disturbance at the location. According to police, the suspect appeared to be covered in blood and holding a long piece of wood when encountered by law enforcement.

According to the police report, 25-year-old Havasu resident Adam A. Limon was not a guest at the hotel when he allegedly ran down the halls of the hotel and banged on multiple doors. He allegedly broke a potted plant at the location before entering an unoccupied room that was under renovation, where he was later found by responding officers.

According to the report, Limon appeared to be covered in blood, and holding a large piece of wood in his hands when officers found him. Police say Limon was involved in previous incidents of alleged drug use, and was known to have violent tendencies toward officers.

Officers raised their sidearms and commanded Limon to drop his stick and raise his hands. Limon allegedly appeared surprised by the presence of police, but quickly complied. Officers ordered Limon to lie on the ground, the report said, but Limon refused before he was forced to the ground by police.

Limon was taken into custody at the scene. Once officers were able to see him under better lighting conditions, police allegedly found that he was not covered by blood – but by a layer of red-orange paint that had been opened within the unoccupied hotel room. Officers say the same paint was found spattered across the walls and floor of the room itself.

Police transported Limon to Lake Havasu City Jail without further incident on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property.


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