Locals came together Saturday morning for Fall Planting Day at the Lake Havasu Community Garden. The garden is open to the public and is located at 2095 Moyo Drive. Kim Hansen Anderson slipped on her working gloves at 9 a.m. She has a special connection to the garden — her late son, Garrett, was instrumental in bringing it to life. Garrett passed away in August after drowning in Bridgewater Channel while paddleboarding. Now, Kim wants to "pour Garrett's love" into the garden.

"This is going to become our place to do that — to start the healing and the nurturing that we would have put into our son," Kim said.

Terry Delia of New Horizons recounted the story of how the garden came to life with Garrett's help.

The founder of New Horizons passed away soon after buying the lot where the garden now sits. Delia suddenly had an idea for the empty space — a community garden.

The next day, Kim called and asked Delia if she'd ever thought of doing a community garden — a coincidence too perfect to dismiss. Kim's son Garrett was working on agricultural projects at ASU Havasu when he had the idea.

Most community gardens are organized in rows, but Havasu's is designed in a circle to represent the sun. With Garrett's designs and some help from the Master Gardeners, the peaceful spot blossomed to life with splashes of color that contrast the desert's beige hues.

To stay up-to-date on their work days, like their page on Facebook or call 928-855-9392. The garden is always open for community members to enjoy.

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