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As 1502 said - I hope they never test the water. But there is a SOLUTION or at last I believe there might be.

Install about a two h.p. pool pump at the North end of the channel with a pipe running to the bottom center of the channel pointing South into Thompson Bay. That pool pump would pull water from the lake and using a venturi effect tube would move thousands of gallons of lake water through the channel into Thompson Bay and the water would continue on its merry way to the South. Gone would be a significant amount of contaminated water. Gone might also apply to any harmful microbes. Gone might also apply to some of high levels of Carbon Monoxide and CO2 gasses which can accumulate from time to time. Cheap insurance to ensure our visitors enjoy their stay and the cost would be minimal. The pump would only need to be run when a large number of people were in the channel and could be switched off at night and many winter weekdays using a timer.

Every pool owner has most likely watched a 2 h.p. pool pump move the thousands of gallons of water around their poot and that system even isn't optimized for flow by using a venturi effect nozzle. This could work.

Too old for this

That really sounds like a workable idea! You come up with some of the best stuff!


Mr. Garvin, I think I shared this story before, as an LHCPD Officer I was assigned on the big weekend to walk a foot beat in the Bridgewater Channel, we referred to them as the “West Bank and Gaza Strip”. As Officers we tried to keep up a friendly banter with the public in the channel. On one hot day a women with her two kids were splashing around in the water and shouted at us “you guys look hot, get into the water and cool off”! I replied “No thanks, we’ll pass” but went on and said “do see all these folks drinking all this beer? Have you seen any of them get out the water to use the public restrooms”? She was loading both kids into they’re boat as we continued on our way! It’s something to think about! Hope you had a great “Independence Day” Tom! [thumbup][whistling][beam] Deaton


I hope they never test that water.

Too old for this


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