A hearing in the case of a Lake Havasu City man accused of sexual assault has been postponed as attorneys discuss a possible plea agreement.

Jeremy M. Sorenson, 30, remains in Mohave County Jail this week under $50,000 bond after his arrest this September.

Sorenson was accused of entering the bedroom of a victim at Crazy Horse Campground on Sept. 18, where police say he sexually assaulted a victim as she slept. Police say the victim woke during the assault, and shoved her assailant off of her. The victim allegedly followed Sorenson as he retreated from the bedroom, and was confronted in their campsite by the victim and her daughter. During the confrontation, Sorenson allegedly struck the victim before leaving the scene.

Police were called to the campground, and Sorenson was found in the area shortly after. Sorenson was taken into custody without incident.

Sorenson was scheduled to appear in Mohave Superior Court on Nov. 13 for a status conference in the case. That hearing was continued to Jan. 22 after defense attorney Paul Amann requested additional time to negotiate a potential plea agreement with prosecutors.

The Mohave County Attorney’s Office has identified Sorenson as a “repetitive offender” under Arizona statute, with felony convictions between 2006 and 2015 for charges including theft and assault.

If Sorenson is found guilty of sexual assault by a jury of his peers, his alleged status as a “repetitive offender” will require a minimum prison sentence of 14 years, with a maximum sentence of 28 years, under Arizona statute.


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