A Lake Havasu City man was arrested last week after police say he attempted to flee on foot from a traffic stop.

On Oct. 7, police say 42-year-old Jason L. Fucci, 42 was seen driving by officers at a high rate of speed on Lake Havasu Avenue. Officers stopped Fucci’s vehicle at the location, but Fucci allegedly exited his vehicle and ran through a nearby alleyway to escape police.

Officers were unable to locate Fucci that evening, the report said, but were allegedly able to identify him via his vehicle’s registration. A photograph of Fucci’s driver’s license was allegedly used by officers, who allegedly identified Fucci as the vehicle’s driver at the time of the incident. The photo issued to all Lake Havasu City patrol officers, who would continue their search for the suspect.

On Oct. 8, Fucci was found when he allegedly entered the Lake Havasu City Police Department and reported that his vehicle had been stolen. Officers found Fucci after he left the department, according to the report, and took him into custody without incident. When questioned after his arrest, police say Fucci admitted to fleeing from police the previous evening and abandoning his vehicle.

Fucci was booked into Lake Havasu City Jail and held for court on misdemeanor charges of failing to obey a police officer and reckless driving.


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Since he reported his car stolen that should be another charge.


you just can't make this stuff up. wow lol

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