Dan Dotson and his son Garrett Dotson

Dan Dotson (left) and his son Garrett Dotson.

A Lake Havasu City man was arrested Tuesday after an alleged drive-by shooting that took place this weekend. The victim has been identified as the son of reality TV star Dan Dotson, of A&E Network’s “Storage Wars.”

According to Lake Havasu City Police Lt. Chad Williams, officers received a tip as to the shooter’s identity early Tuesday morning. Detectives served a search warrant at a residence on the 2900 block of Winterhaven Drive, where they allegedly found the weapon used in the offense and a spent shell casing. Garrett Wilder, 21, was taken into custody.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning at the 2100 block of Injo Drive. The victim, identified as Garrett Dotson, was found lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He was taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center for emergency treatment. His father posted on Twitter that he was flown to a Las Vegas hospital, and he credited the air medics for saving his son’s life. He said Garrett Dotson was in critical condition, but recovering.

According to Williams, the investigation remained ongoing as of Tuesday afternoon. With witness interviews still in progress, Williams said detectives will require another week before the investigation is concluded.

Williams said police plan to charge Wilder with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, disorderly conduct with a weapon and drive-by shooting. He said officers are still interviewing several witnesses.

At a meeting of the Lake Havasu City Republican Men’s Club Tuesday morning, Chief of Police Dan Doyle stated the shooting may have been retaliation for a separate shooting incident that occurred in Phoenix. In an interview Tuesday afternoon, Doyle told Today’s News-Herald those statements were premature.

According to Williams, violent crime - especially drive-by shootings, remain a rarity in Havasu.

“I’ve been here 19 years, and these incidents don’t happen often,” Williams said. “We have a low violent crime rate, and I think that’s why a lot of people love living here. For the most part, this is uncommon, which is a good thing.”

Doyle said Tuesday morning that Dotson has posted on Facebook that he was “partying in Havasu.”


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Wait..... "aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, disorderly conduct with a weapon and drive-by shooting" ??

Why isn't this considered attempted Murder??

Jimmy Was



More than likely because without eye witnesses, attempted murder would be difficult to prove in Court. They have him nailed on the other charges!

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