A Lake Havasu City man was arrested Sept. 1 when officers attempted to stop his vehicle near the intersection of Acoma Boulevard and State Route 95, and allegedly led officers on a one-mile chase before he was taken into custody.

According to police, Mark O. Porter, 60, stopped for a red light at the intersection while patrol officers watched, then shifted his vehicle into reverse, crossing a double-yellow line and placing his vehicle into the oncoming lane of traffic. When the traffic light turned green, Porter turned south onto the highway. Officers pursued, and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Rather than stopping, however, police say Porter accelerated to 85 miles per hour. The posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour.

Police pursued Porter’s vehicle, which turned onto Oro Grande Boulevard before accelerating once more. When the vehicle pulled into a residential driveway, Porter allegedly exited his vehicle and went to the home’s front door. According to officers, the door was locked, and Porter rang the doorbell several times as police arrived behind him.

Porter was detained at the scene, and officers described him as visibly intoxicated. Porter allegedly agreed to a series of field sobriety tests, which he was unable to complete. He was taken into custody and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail.

According to the report, Porter shouted profanities at officers and jail staff while in custody. When asked whether he would submit to a breath test, Porter made inappropriate suggestions as to where they could administer their test.

Police obtained a warrant for samples of Porter’s blood, which was collected by a phlebotomist at the jail. After Porter’s blood was drawn, police quoted him as saying, “A lot of officers are going to die now because of you, including you.”

Porter was charged with making threats, DUI and unlawful flight from law enforcement.


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