Troy J. O’Dell

Troy J. O’Dell

A Lake Havasu City man is facing felony charges after a fight outside of a McCulloch Boulevard bar this weekend.

Police were called to the location early Saturday morning after receiving reports of a possible fight. According to alleged witness statements, the victim was exiting the bar when a man later identified as Troy J. O’Dell, 25, struck the victim’s face with a set of brass knuckles. After a brief exchange of punches, witnesses say O’Dell then ran from the scene.

Officers soon located O’Dell, who allegedly matched witness descriptions, at a Lake Havasu Avenue restaurant. O’Dell appeared to be agitated when officers spoke to him, and allegedly admitted to possessing a set of brass knuckles.

Police say O’Dell admitted to being in a fight, the report said, but initially declined to say more about the incident.

Officers questioned witnesses at the scene of the alleged assault, who allegedly told police that O’Dell had been drinking heavily in the bar earlier that evening. While O’Dell was at the location, he allegedly attempted to start a fight with other patrons prior to the aggravated assault incident.

O’Dell was taken into custody and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail on felony charges of aggravated assault. According to police, O’Dell later said that he was “jumped” by as many as five people at the location.

Investigators learned later that a 5-year-old child had been left alone at O’Dell’s home while O’Dell was at the bar. According to police, O’Dell said the child had been left alone, asleep, for about an hour.

Officers traveled to O’Dell’s home and gained entry. Officers say a hunting knife had been left a kitchen counter, within easy reach of the child. The child himself was found sleeping on a bed, with cartoons playing on a nearby television.

The child was given to his grandmother’s custody, the report said.

O’Dell has been charged with felony counts of aggravated assault and child abuse. After an initial court appearance, he was transferred to the custody of Mohave County Jail on $5,000 bond.


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And you want less restrictions on guns? There is a lot of people in Havadu with this mentality. Sad

Joe Nobody

Is this trouble 'always' happening at the same MC Blvd bar? Which one is it? I'll won't go to it, nor recommend it to others?


Coward with brass knuckles. if you have skills you don't need them. Just another drunk one in this city, that has no future. nor does that kid. Probably the same guy that is willing to hit you in the head with a beer bottle. Sure wish he wasn't wearing that shirt though.

Too old for this

Where was the mother?


Some one tell me why this is such an everyday event in Lake Havasu? Enquiring minds want to know.

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Stupid people breed....


Because humans live here. Just like everywhere.......

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