Seen in Havasu: Free testing, vaccinations

On Aug.18 and 25 the Havasu Community Health Foundation in partnership with the Regional Center for Border Health put on a free covid testing and vaccine clinic at the Foundation’s Community food bank on Kiowa Boulevard. Health Foundation volunteers said that while on Aug. 18 the clinic only serviced seven people, on the 25 the clinic saw between 25 to 30 people. The clinic is offering rapid results test and PCR test along with all three of the covid vaccines including the recently fully FDA approved Pfizer vaccine. ABOVE: Staff from the Regional Center for Border Health process, test and prepare for the next patient to drive up to the clinic at the Havasu Community Health Foundation Food Bank.

PHOENIX — A new statewide poll suggests there may be little, if anything that Gov. Doug Ducey and his new $400-an-hour health adviser can do to convince many more Arizonans to get vaccinated against covid-19 than already have made that decision.

The survey conducted earlier this month by OH Predictive Insights finds an increasing number of residents are more pessimistic about what is happening with the virus. And even among those who are unwilling to take the vaccine, nearly a quarter are extremely or moderately concerned about the current state of the pandemic in Arizona, with another half saying they have at least a slight concern.

Yet about 60% of these people still say they are not willing to get inoculated. And by a virtually identical number, they say that the new more transmissible delta variant had not effect on their willingness to gt inoculated.

In fact, pollster Mike Noble found 18% said the delta variant actually made them less likely to roll up their sleeves. All that, he said, undermines efforts to reach “herd immunity’’ in Arizona, the point at which a sufficient percentage are inoculated to make it difficult for the virus to rapidly spread.

And he pointed out that percentage of those who want to remain unvaccinated really has not changed in the last six months.

That appears to be borne out by the state’s own vaccination numbers.

Vaccinations dropped below 10,000 a day in July. And now, even with news of the delta variant, it has not hit 20,000 a day -- and come close only a handful of times -- and is again declining.

That compares with close to 80,000 vaccinations a day at the peak of late March and early April.

As of Tuesday, 57.4% of Arizonans had at least one dose. And fewer than 51% are fully inoculated.

It was for that reason that Ducey last month said he hired Dr. Richard Carmona, a former U.S. surgeon general, with the specific goal of boosting vaccine acceptance.

Carmona, for his part, has said he is looking at a new -- and different from the past -- public education campaign to address those who he believes are getting bad information about the vaccine.

The state has had a series of public service announcements urging people to get vaccinated, ranging from appeals by former Health Director Cara Christ to community leaders and even, at one point, a floating hot dog with a surgical mask as parachute.

Carmona said that there probably are up to 15% of Arizonans who, for whatever reason, simply will not get vaccinated. Still, he said herd immunity is possible if Arizona gets to that 85% level.

The doctor promised a new approach.

Details, however, have been sparse. Carmona has made some general comments about emphasizing the benefits to the economy of having a vaccinated population.

But gubernatorial press aide C.J. Karamargin pointed out that Carmona has been on board for less than a month.

“You’re expecting instant results?’’ he asked.

Karamargin, whose boss signed legislation forbidding schools from imposing mask mandates and opposes mandated vaccines, said Ducey still believes that vaccines “are the best way to put COVID behind us.’’

“Dr. Carmona is well-equipped to lead this effort,’’ Karamargin said. “And he, himself, has said that it’s going to require hard work on everyone’s part to persuade those who may be hesitant to change their views.’’

State health officials, in confirming the $400-a-hour deal with Carmona, said there is no set number of hours or specific limit on his earnings, saying only this is supposed to be a part-time role for the doctor along with the work he does at the University of Arizona and other entities.

On the subject of schools, Noble said he found that 58% of those questioned support the idea that schools -- and not parents -- should make the decision about whether students should have to wear masks despite the governor signing legislation that bans districts from enforcing such rules. That tracks closely with a different survey released earlier this month by the Arizona School Boards Association and the Arizona Public Health Association.

And Noble said that by a nearly 2-1 margin the people in the survey oppose Ducey’s unilateral decision to withhold certain federal COVID relief dollars from schools who have so far ignored the yet-to-take-effect law and require students to mask up.

The governor, who cannot seek a third term, has previously pronounced himself unconcerned with such numbers.

“I’m not going to pay attention to any poll as I’m trying to put out good public policy,’’ he said.

The online opt-in survey of 1,000 Arizonans was conducted between Sept. 7 and Sept. 12 and has a margin of error of 3.1%.


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Go trumpers, supports natural selection and helps ensure a trump will never be elected again.


Amazing, no point on here can be made without name calling, bullying, and nasty sarcasm. Make a point and move along.


The 1918 influenza pandemic ravaged the world, causing a death toll estimated at 50 million to 100 million, and if that didn't sound like much, we're talking about 3 to 6 percent of the world’s population at the time. The pandemic became known as the “Spanish flu” or the “Spanish Lady” after heavy news coverage in Spain, while it was actually a global epidemic. Luckily, the current COVID-19 pandemic has a long way to reach such numbers worldwide.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States, however, has surpassed the death toll of the 1918 influenza pandemic that was "previously" considered America’s most lethal pandemic in its history, according to data shared by Johns Hopkins University. After the highly contagious Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus was reported in the United States, the country has seen a surge in COVID cases and, unfortunately, COVID-related deaths. The number of deaths recorded in the Spanish flu was around 675,000 in the U.S. However, new data shows that the number of deaths in the United States related to COVID had passed 676.000 on Tuesday, 21 September.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair to compare COVID-19 to Spanish flu, if we're talking numbers. CNBC reports that in 1918, the U.S. population was an estimated 103 million people before the roaring 1920s. And today, there are nearly 330 million people living in the U.S., meaning that the 1918 flu killed about 1 in every 150 Americans, compared with 1 in 500 who have died from COVID-19 so far. Considering these figures, this news may not seem like a lot at first glance, but with technological advancements that have made way for multiple COVID-19 vaccines -- with three of them made in the U.S. -- that could have prevented further infections of the disease, it actually is. Contrary to the medicine back then, we can study viruses in detail and have access to antibiotics, intensive care units, ventilators, or IV fluids now.




Bob. I expected nothing less from you sir, as you are the biggest offender. Regurgitate the party line. Your reply only cements my concerns. I advise to wait for the audit and then take issue with the procedure which was televised and recorded. The same can not be said for the initial count, recount and then recount of all the same ballots. Partisan or not shouldn’t matter as everything that has transpired since the election has been partisan. Public tax dollars have been used on both sides of the election integrity issue. Do you only care about your tax dollars that you think were waisted or are my tax dollars wasted in trying to preemptively kill an audit ( which should be done and by law can be done) of no concern. It also doesn’t surprise me that you would take so lightly the individuals right to govern their own medical care. Your liberal strip is a mile wide. You only care about rights when it suits your political leaning.

You sir are not the only one with rights, liberties or opinions. You like most extreme liberals talk out of both sides of your face. You mourn and hold up as example 675,000 Covid deaths as a tragedy while wishing death on those that don’t share your individual beliefs. You have more in common with tyrannical history makers than any sane individual serial commenting on the news stories of the day. In typical liberal fashion you attack rational thought as affront to YOUR truth. I live in the middle but you call me extremist among many other petulant titles.

Thank God for this countries forefathers and their timely foresight to protect people like me from people like you.




You won this one, BB is back to his old name calling habit. This is his MO when he has frustrated.[beam]


47 - I never "has frustrated" by anyone on here and I as I have stated numerous times I learned the fine-art of name calling from the twice-impeached, lying crook and his minions who show up here. As to "baldy" it finally dawned on me it's a new moniker for deaton (so obvious I'm surprised I didn't catch on at first).


Your name calling started LONG before Trump started it. And Baldyb if not deaton.

How's your packing coming along. You said you are awaiting whether your new rental will approve and accept you. Needles would probably be the only place that would welcome you with open arms. I see a lot of your buddies stepped up and said they would help you pack, NOT.

Good luck in your new community where ever that may be.




It is fun getting you "worked up" bigbob!

Comment deleted.


Too old for this

very well said!




First time posting but I have seen the truly partisan parroting from the same individuals for months. The personal attacks, the claims that free thinkers and personal freedom believers are stupid, ignorant or are just ill informed baffles me. IF you are vaccinated and PROTECTED with a “ safe and effective vaccine”. Why then would it bother you that another person for whatever reason can’t make a personal choice to forego the vaccine? If your your safe, why would support their being stripped of the same fundamental right to work, partake in society, receive health care, get an education or in general live free and make decisions that best suit their ideals of happiness. I’ve had Covid-19 and have antibodies that SCIENCE says are just as effective against reinfection as the vaccines that you think I should be forced to take. Should my constitutional rights be diminished. I hear a lot of talk about California, if it truly is that great, go back. I also hear a lot of talk about the greatest generation, yes they would be appalled to learn that “ it’s a free country” doesn’t mean what it once did.

The same 8 people post and parrot their political beliefs to each and every story, attacking the other sides position. I would really like to know from these same 8 people.

What is wrong with an election audit? Are you paying for it? How does it hurt to look at the results and be sure they are correct? I mean, really what’s at stake? Free and fair elections, I thought that was supposed to be the standard. One person, one legal vote. Am I wrong, no.

Safe and effective vaccines should not have a wall of immunity that protects the vaccine maker and leaves the recipient with no legal recourse if things go south. You want to protect them from litigation if the vaccine wasn’t effective for a particular patient, ok but to extend that same protection because it wasn’t SAFE for that same patient makes no sense. Address “ breakthrough cases” and efficacy before you decide to violate the civil rights of the very society your trying to save. Are we so fearful of a 1.6% ( 1% chance of dying in a car crash) chance of dying that we would turn on our fellow man because his beliefs are different than ours. Does diversity only count when it comes to race and gender identity or does it count for diversity of thought as well?


Baldy – Let’s consider just a few of your concerns –

1) “What is wrong with an election audit?” With the certification, multiple times, of the election there is no need for a fraudti to be conducted by a highly partisan group of people who believe the twice-impeached fools Big Lie.

2) “Are you paying for it?” Yes, as an Arizona taxpayer I am paying for it, well that is except for the part being paid for my dark money sources who are too ashamed to identify themselves.

3) “How does it hurt to look at the results and be sure they are correct”? A Group of partisan hacks run by a phony outfit known as the “Cyber Ninjas” who have so far, due to lack of security, destroyed the validity of Maricopa County ballots, and the machines – that must now to replaced at a cost of millions to the county have proven their inability to do anything - let alone be allowed to touch voting materials. These clowns have insisted they have “damning evidence” time after time and yet nohting is forthcoming. And no matter what this fruadit comes up with nothing will change – President Biden, the man elected by the people of the United States will still be our president.

4) “I mean, really what’s at stake? Free and fair elections, I thought that was supposed to be the standard. One person, one legal vote. Am I wrong, no.” Yes, you are wrong. The 2020 election has been certified across the nation as a “free and fair election” and no matter what some partisan group tries to do, noting will change.

The rest of your rant regarding vaccines is just punter BS, the usual trash put forward that endangers everyone. If it only endangered you, no one would care.




If they do want to get vaccinated they should take full responsibility for their actions. Pay for their own medical care. Now if they get sick they clog up our hospitals so if their is a person needs medical care from a car accident there is no beds. They also spread the virus to our kids!







Very Stable Genius 2020

Baldy — If people who chose not to get vaccinated only affected them it would be fine but they are clogging up hospitals and causing hospitals in some states to ration care like Alaska and Idaho. People who don’t have Covid are dying because they can’t get the care they need at any hospitals in their state or even nearby States. Also, the unvaccinated are playing Russian Roulette with their health. Sure they may have a mild case and be fine or they may get a serious case and then seek expensive hospital care, even monoclonal antibodies on an outpatient basis are $2100 vs. $40 for two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. So instead of getting the vaccine and creating their own antibodies they are getting synthetic antibodies at 52 times the cost. Then there is a chance the monoclonal antibodies won’t work. This is why people keep dying here. Eight dead reported by the county with 6 under the age of 60 just today. The death rate in Mohave County is around 3% not 1.6% and that doesn’t take into account those that will have long term heart and lung issues and PTSD after being on ventilators or 25% that had minor or moderate cases but are now suffering from chronic long-haul Covid symptoms. Last but not least, the more people get it and spread the more likelihood of worse variants. We all want our lives back. I’m tired of people dying unnecessarily here. Most of us have had vaccines throughout our lives and we’re still alive to tell about it. People need to stop falling for the disinformation and get vaccinated. I got the 2 dose Moderna vaccine as soon as I could. I had some arm soreness with the first and chills with no fever and tiredness for about 24 hours after the second. It’s not a violation of your rights it’s the right thing to do for your community.


You're wasting your breath but kudos on a very well written and thorough message![thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Great Statement!!! Well thought out, and completely rational.



Third Eye

I will take a shot. You said, What is wrong with an election audit? Are you paying for it? How does it hurt to look at the results and be sure they are correct? I mean, really what’s at stake? Free and fair elections, I thought that was supposed to be the standard. One person, one legal vote. Am I wrong, no.

Nothing wrong with an election audit, we have had three to include a forensic audit by republicans. Why do we need another?

I do not want to pay for it. While much of it was funded through private donations (which is another matter entirely). Who pays for the new machines? Why should the tax payer? We paid for three audits and now have to pay for part of this and the voting machines that the CN compromised.

What's wrong with accepting the results of one of the three audits? What's the cutoff for the amount of audits any political party can call? All the questions were answered.

What's at stake? This "audit" is simply a grift. How can the republicans fill their coffers? I will admit, they fell for it and are donating. All that being said, the constant attacks on the system will eventually erode all trust in it, by all. What happens when republicans regain power and the dems pull the same BS? Every election thrown into chaos. That is already happening on the right. Nothing the left does will be accepted and challenged regardless of facts. Do we as voters want our government run this way? I know I don't.

How were any of the voting measures placed by the REPUBLICAN legislators hindering free and fair elections? AZ has had vote by mail for over thirty years and never it is. Why? What's wrong with drop boxes? What's wrong with having someone pick up multiple ballots and dropping them off? (Nursing Homes, Tribal areas). What evidence does the AZ republicans have that any of that was compromised and caused a significant voting error? I haven't seen one instance of widespread voter fraud.

This "audit" will have nothing of consequence. But the damage is already done. Remember, you asked for it.


Got my covid vaccine, much like I did for other diseases years ago. I wear a seatbelt in my car, helmet while riding motorcycle, flotation device during boating trips, safety glasses in my shop while cutting metal, rubber gloves when handling acid, and the list goes on and on. Those not getting covid shots were unfortunately just born stupid. P.T. Barnum would agree with me. Case closed.

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Atta boy, Simon!


Hey “simondog!” Since you’re so smart! Can you tell me that once vaccinated, I’ll be safe like you! That it’ll provide me protection from receiving COVID and or spreading the virus? What if I already had COVID? Why should I get the vaccine?, when studies show, I’m more likely to fight the virus and delta’s versus your vaccine choice. C’mon Simon people are stupid because they don’t think like you! That’s dumfu$kism at its finest!






“We the people”, of this fine state have spoken! All of the government herd should trust in them, what they’re telling you! The vaccine works and is protecting you, now run along and get that booster shot. I heard California is doing an amazing job at vaccinating their people, and keeping them safe. Might be something you people may want to take into consideration. The weather is fantastic in Southern California!


your - Not a problem, those of us who believe in science and the medical professionals will get the booster shots. Meanwhile the massively ignorant will remain massively ignorant and will not be missed.


You need to hurry and get the shot. Your weight puts you in a high risk category!


Eventually Heath insurance providers aren’t going to cover expenses for the unvaccinated! It’s just a matter of time!


Yet they provide it for smokers, alcoholics and the obese! Healthy individuals in your mind don’t deserve health insurance due to a vaccine! Lmao!


your - Why you keep showing up here to prove your ignorance is truly fascinating. "Healthy individuals in your mind don’t deserve health insurance ..." Of course every person deserves heath insurance, despite Republicans preferring "those" people just die instead of being covered. Many insurance plans limit coverage or apply penalties for smokers, drunks and the fat once they have been told their lifestyles are endangering their health. Now understand this, "healthy people" do not go to the hospital - that's the sick. And if they are sick because they would rather inject bleach or ivermectin than take a vaccine that has saved millions of lives, then they should not expect to have their care covered.

Too old for this

Why do you hate free-thinkers so much? If they do not want to get the vaccine, they are taking a huge risk. If they do get the vaccine, they still have a small risk, but still have a risk. How do you feel about Hydrochloroquine? Regeneron? Are they unacceptable to you because Fauci has not given them his blessing? They have been shown to minimize the effects of the virus, should you not get the vaccine. There is no need to hate everyone who does not follow your warped opinions.


Thanks “Bobby!”, I definitely appreciate your breakdown. It was truly astonishing as is all of your knowledge! In a weird way you kind of made my point! Though I don’t ever see how a healthy individual would ever see a higher health care premium or plan because of a vaccine! I don’t partake in the annual flu shot, in the past 20 years I received the flu once. Fortunately for me was also one of the only times other than a check up and my recent COVID test that I’ve had to utilize my health care provider! As a matter of fact, when I had the flu I received a prescription to fight it! With COVID I was told to stay home and only come back if things get worse! Not 1 of the 4 in my household ever needed or received any prescription to fight the virus! If I’m being honest COVID-19 was a much more pleasant experience than having the flu! Until next time doctor Bob!


Not vaccinated no hospital care if you get Covid. The Greatest Generation would be saddened by American behaviors. The ignorant always end up on the bottom.

Too old for this

Tell us what it is like at the bottom where you live.


twosie - As usual your comment makes no sense. Don't you get tired of proving your ignorance here day after day?


Well, I suppose that is one way to cleanse the herd of fools.

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