About one year ago, Congressman Paul Gosar’s bill to rename Lake Havasu City’s Post Office to honor six Havasu men who lost their lives was passed by congress. Friday there was a dedication ceremony to the post office where many members of the community watched.

“This post office is a tribute to all veterans: past, present and future,” said Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli.

Many of the attendees were veterans. The Veterans of Foreign Wars were in attendance, and VFW Member Grove “Buzz” Bancroft gave a shirt to Gosar which says “Home of the Free Because of the Brave.”

The Lake Havasu City Combat Veterans Post Office is dedicated to six servicemen, including:

• Patrick Tinnell was killed in action in 2006 during the Global War on Terror.

• Carey Dean Harmon, who died April 26, 1968, fighting the Tet Offensive.

• Scotty Ray Broadston, who died on June 5, 1970, during a combat assault in Vietnam.

• Anthony Sausto, who lost his life while fighting in Baghdad on May 10, 2007.

• Dylan Reid, who served in Amarah, Iraq. He died there on Oct. 16, 2010.

• Carl Hammar, who emigrated to the United States from Sweden and joined the Army while in college. Hammar served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan where he died in combat on July 14, 2012.

“Six men gave their lives so we can be free,” said Gosar. Gosar explained that freedom is not free and those six men answered the nation’s call to battle.

Lake Havasu Chapter of the Marine Corp League was able to perform the color guard for the first time at this event since the beginning of the pandemic.

The ceremony hosted dozens of attendees, masked and not masked, however there were extra masks available to anyone who was there.

The event was out front of the post office, where they gave out water and snacks to those who attended. Although it was warm outside, it was a change to the 110’s it has been recently.

“This is God’s day,” said Gosar.


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Very Stable Genius 2020

As I recall, Paul Gosar obtained a headstone for a deceased veteran in Chloride and now has gotten the LHC post office named in honor of deceased combat veterans but what has he done for veterans who are alive and dealing with issues related to their service or those trying to get decent healthcare at the VA? Sadly, Gosar and others in the Republican Party just see veterans and active duty military as props to trot out at election time. Our veterans and military deserve better.


Excellent points, but don't expect a reply from the trumpers.


You are right on point.

Too old for this

I am a 100% disabled Veteran and have received excellent service and care from the local VA, as well as the hospitals in Phoenix and Prescott. Any time a politician puts forth any effort to benefit Veterans, living or dead, I appreciate it. Trump has also done a lot for us, especially when compared against the last guy in office.


Good to see that not everyone follows trump's lead about KIAs being stupid losers.


Way to take something good and honorable and add your negative fake news. Why don't you take the weekend off Big Bob.


Why don't you stop whining about me and pay attention to what trump is doing to our nation? And please explain to us what is "fake" about my comment?


Can't help yourself. OCD TDS lol

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