A Colorado corporation could become responsible for monitoring residents who are sentenced to probation in Mohave County courts.

The Mohave County Probation Department has requested that the Mohave County Board of Supervisors next week approve a five-year, $50,000 contract with Colorado-based B.I. Inc for the purchase of offender-monitoring services through May 2027. The company would be responsible for monitoring offenders via electronic court-ordered ankle monitors.

The Mohave County Probation Department has used such equipment since the 1990s. And according to Director of Juvenile Court Services Josh Frisby, that technology has only improved in the past several years.

“Older electronic monitoring used radio frequency technology, sometimes combined with a phone connection and stationary charging,” Frisby said. “Current technology is significantly improved, using GPS tracking with location and real-time movement tracking, and more portable charging.”

According to Frisby, GPS monitors don’t necessarily simplify the probation department’s duties. Instead they add an additional element of supervision and accountability for Mohave County probationers. Such devices may often be applied to probationers at a judge’s discretion, as a tool in enforcing regional, house arrest or curfew-related restrictions.

“GPS provides the probationer the ability to be employed, attend school and continue participation in court-ordered counseling programs,” Frisby said. “($50,000) is worth the expense in that GPS is less restrictive than having inmates remain in custody. And the daily cost for GPS, about $5 per day, is significantly lower than the daily cost of keeping inmates detained, which is about $371 per day.”

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on whether to accept the new contract at the board’s next meeting on June 20, in Kingman. The item is part of the board’s Consent Agenda, and may be approved without prior discussion by the board.


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When there’s thousands of individuals who don’t pay court ordered fines and fees what’s left to do? I have a niece who’s an addict and has about $20k in fines and fees. The court finally put her in county jail for 90 but that’s really not going to make her change. She’s due to be released and she’s planning to leave the jurisdiction. She’ll never fulfill her obligations.

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