A new women’s clinic and birthing center set to open in 2022 is aiming to be a one-stop shop for all the health related needs of women in Lake Havasu City.

Heather Anderson, one of the two practitioners at Lakeview Women’s Health, announced last week that Lakeview plans to open a new “full scope women’s center and birth center” in early spring. Anderson says the new medical offices will be located at the old Hospice of Havasu building at 365 Lake Havasu Ave.

In an announcement on social media, Anderson said the new center will be a place where a woman can get everything done for her health from a well-woman exam to blood work to nutrition counseling.

“When I say full scope, we are talking a 10,000-square-foot facility that has everything that women need,” Anderson said. “You are going to be able to birth babies if you meet criteria in a safe environment…we have lactation and prenatal classes plus mammograms.”

Anderson says that she has been dreaming of opening a center like this for the past two to three years but it is within the last few years that plans started moving forward. Coming from a large community to a smaller one, Anderson says that she has seen challenges and barriers in not just Lake Havasu City but Mohave County as a whole.

“I feel like our healthcare system could use some improvement, especially in women’s health,” Anderson said. “…There is not high-risk (obstetric) care here and there are limited options for birth. So we kind of took a different approach to opening our own center, giving women a host of options.”

According to the National Rural Health Association, 18 million reproductive-age women live in rural communities across the United States, and half a million babies are born in rural hospitals every year. More than half of women in rural communities live more than the recommended 30 minutes from a hospital offering maternity services.

The center is scheduled to open spring 2022 but updates on the project can be found at Lakeview’s website lakeviewlhc.com.


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Will this "clinic" recognize and assist women with their right to make a choice regarding their own bodies or is this one of those "anti-abortion" mills that will force a woman to give birth, no matter what?

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brandie - So you either don't know or refuse to answer the question. I lean toward the latter because you appear to consider a woman making her own personal and private decisions regarding her body is somehow "political."

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It’s a Women's Center not a “clinic.” Hope that answers your question and have a blessed day.

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